Introducing a durable, waterproof vinyl CORETec Transitions. Transition Molding – A T-shaped transition piece that covers the narrow gap in a doorway between two adjacent floors that are on the same level. Measure & trim to fit. COREtex Quest For A Better Floor. Browse our collection online! We needed around 500 square feet for our space, including some overage for errors or cuts we had to make. COREtec Plus ® Moldings. The first day of working on our floors went by quick and we made major progress! T-Mold and Reducer easily snap into the included plastic strip. Get updated on what we’re doing- you know you want to! Our carpet in our upstairs loft and hallways was already matted down, folding up, and falling apart, it was time for it to be replaced. There was no underlayment or vapor barrier needed on our subfloor, which was awesome. **This post contains sponsored content but all opinions are our own. Transitions help put the finishing touches on any new floor project. The other transitions we used for this project were a baby threshold transition in the three bedrooms to transition to carpet, and an overlap reducer to transition to the bathroom tile. These planks are also very DIY-friendly, which was a huge factor for us because we planned on installing our selves. Because we decided to leave our baseboards on, we rested the spacers against them, which made for a bigger gap, which is ok, the shoe molding will cover it later. When laying flooring that interlocks the way COREtec floors do, you start from the left side of the room and work your way to right so you are able to lock each plank into each other. I’ll make a list of all of the things we needed for the flooring at the end. If you have any questions on COREtec flooring or want advice, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram- we would be happy to help! We ultimately decided on Mesa Verde Oak because it was exactly what we were looking for in terms of color and design. This website contains affiliate links and commission may be earned. Universal Transitions. We didn’t know what kind of flooring we wanted, but we just knew it wasn’t another type of carpet. You need spacers because you have to lock each piece into each other, and the flooring will move against the wall if no spacers are there. All that was left was the hallway areas and the closets. After only two and a half years in our home, our upstairs carpet was in bad shape, and its only Ryan and I who live here with our cat! We found a LOT of debris such as old nails and screws and trash under all of the baseboards that the contractors left behind, so we had a lot of cleaning to do. Since COREtec is a floating floor, you want to leave a 0.25″ gap from each wall to allow for the house to settle without damaging the floor. The 72" long moldings are available in Quarter Round, T-Mold, Reducer, Baby Threshold, and Stair Cap. With a crowd filled with peers, friends, associates and family members, Piet Dossche, CEO and founder of USFloors, was inducted into the World Floor Covering Association Hall of Fame. We got a hardwood floor laying kit that had a block, pull-bar and spacers in it. Stair Tread – this is used when installing COREtec on stairs, providing a squared edge and finishing touch on the stair edge. Each plank is 72" long and 9" wide. COREtec Flush Stair Nose Stair Cap – this is used when installing COREtec on stairs, providing a capped edge … We’re so glad you are here. It is dimensionally stable meaning it will not expand or contract in normal conditions. Mesa Verde Oak is one of their Plus Enhanced planks and is 7” wide.