it was the yummiest biryani ever!!! So you can use 3/4 kg for 2 cups if not its ok with the regular proportion too. This was the yummiest biryani I have ever made. Have a nice day, 1/2 cup of water with the curd Thanks a bunch Ayesha. Do not make it less than golden brown. You can never go wrong in this recipe, its so perfect and you can read from the comments. I made this on Tuesday and it was great. Better luck next time. Thanx. taste was good but not spicy. pls give some idea how to organize the recipe everyday. Mullai, thank you for the recipe. Now i am wondering what to do for next day. can u please tell me how much time i need to cook the chicken,i meen aproximately how much time it will take to form a thick gravy. All you have to watch for is good quality rice, less soaking time, check the quanity of water you used. Hi Mullai, hi mullai, i am newly married. I have an indian whistling pressure cooker (Hawkins). I make this often in my rice cooker with Sams club Royal basmati rice and every time it turns out perfect. You do the math. My advice when cooking this recipe (for 2 cups of rice) using a pressure cooker: 1/2 cup curds (or yogurt) and 1 and a 1/2 cup water . It came out real good & as he said “real yummm”. Don't attempt anything new when you cook for a big crowd, do what you are familiar with. You have to make 3 batches of this to feed 10 people. Its on trial and error method ! Thanks again. Pressure cook the rice. hi i tried ur chicken biryani….the taste was so good…….but it came bit pasty…i think the amount of water which u told was more …….bcz inc hicken itself some water will come and in tomato also water will come so i think for 1 cup of rice 1 cup water and half cup yougurt should be fine…..what do u think……. I tried with 1/4 kg,its simply AMAZING,thanks a lot and the taste is soooooo yummy ! However, i’ve got i quick question. Drain the rice … Thank you for recipes is turn out very well. Deborah, its just 1/2 cup plain yogurt. Do not open the lid until the end. Always put the flame over medium for biryani that way the bottom portion doesn't get burnt. Hi Mullai, I tried this dish today.. turned out superb! It took me 3 attempts to hit the bull's eye In my earlier attempts… the "chicken aroma" in the biriyani was not dominant as expected and it tasted a little bit like a rich tomato rice… What could be the reason? Very nice picture and nice way of explaining via picture. Cooking with steam in an enclosed utensil produce the best biryani rice. I’m sending it to a I started cooking only from last month & Yesterday , I tried Chicken briyani for the 1st time in my life .I followed all the measurements as you have given but then it became like a chicken gravy rice . Marinate the chicken with this mixture and keep aside for this mixture and keep aside for 3 to 4 hours. Moreover gives good colour to the dish without adding any food colour. My appreciation goes to Mrs. Sathya, for taking so much effort & intiative in making this dish. Irrespective of the proportion , its always 2 whistles for a good pressure cooker. Thanks for your Comments . If not, pls let me know the measurements for all ingredients? Unfortunately I am not able to get a flat bottom vessel here. An authentic Chicken Biryani recipe with simple, easy-to-follow instructions (no curveballs!) Iam priya from USA.Iam planning to make Vegetable Briyani with same Chicken Briyani receipe. Prabu, sorry to hear… but this is a guaranteed no fail recipe, even an amateur can cook this perfect in a rice cooker. You can also make with less gravy but end having dry biryani.. you know what I mean.. depends on your taste. Hi It came out really tasty! Thanks for feedback Rashi, Iam elated? I wouldn't alter the water, use the same proportion mentioned above. Some are hard to find here, thats why I didn't mention in my recipe. hi ramya, Rather than have pictures of spices, I would highly recommend that you put pictures of ‘while cooking’ to give those who are cooking the first time ever! just now i finished ur chicken biryani and chicken kuruma it came out really superb. Once done, cover with aluminium foil and finish in the oven by cooking @ 400 F for 5 to 6 minutes. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your try. Will definitely make it again. If using a regular pressure cooker allow 2 whistles and swtich off. Hi Just because I used pressure cooker? I have a question, If I have to cook 4 cups of rice, should i just double the amount of all the ingredients?? excellent dish..i tried today with kohinoor basmathi rice ..but the rice gets sticky at the bottom .. what should i do for that..i usually dont soak the rice in water before much water to be used for 21/2 cup rice.. Jayashree, no matter what vessel / cooker or rice you use, a little portion of rice will stick to the bottom. Sathu, same holds good for the rest. Hi Sathu, good to know that you relished this dish and hope would try many more. fantabulous Biriyani. 29 %, teaspoon green chili paste (adjust to taste, I use whole chillies and do not eat), tablespoons vegetable oil (adjust to taste). hai rupa,thanks for the info,this is more than enough for me. Have a question, With my pressure cooker, its always 1:2 ratio , as it works for me. Pls post if you have the recipe for chettinad chicken biryani recipe. Will do it in 2 batches in the rice cooker. Thanks for posting! Thanks. For every 1 cup of rice its 2 cups of water. thanks for posting the recipe. bye. Add the marinated chicken and cook for 10 minutes. 1:1 = rice: water+curd . \, Attached is the link of the document. I tried chicken briyani last week. It maybe will be hard to find the ingredients here, but I surely gonna try it.Thanks! Thks. I hope i can cook succesfully and taste just like in one of the restaurant I eat. We will add 3.5 cups of water. It really came well (from what i tasted!). Thanks for wonderful collection of recipes and keep posting more! So, to cook in bulk amount, can i bake in oven, after all seasoning is done….expecting ur reply……thanx in advance. birthday.i want curry recipe for briyani.could u help me.. Sagi, there are so many varieties to choose from. Today I made Chicken Biryani inspired by your this post. But a quick question, the amount of water and rice was kept as given by you, but the rice was a little sticky(not much), but it dint turn out to be like the one shown in the picture of your receipe. Can u suggest me how to cook the biriyani in a Kadai?? If you've eaten Chicken biryani at any Indian restaurant then you know it always keeps you wanting more. Two cups of rice can feed only 3-4 people approx. we've some guests for 2mrws lunch…Also i've 1 ltr capacity pressure cooker. Thanks. Ghee will give biryani that authentic taste. like me, to know when to stop the sauteing and go to the next step…Now I have to think of a way to drain the excess moisture and make it look like a briyani coz i am so not dumping this rice into the trash. It was the first time i prepared biriyani and my husband was so impressed. Madam…. Thanks. Mix tomato puree, yogurt, ginger, garlic, green chili paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder, roasted cumin powder, garam masala, coriander powder and salt. Check for salt and cook them in a rice cooker. Goodluck! I am wondering amount of water was too much.. Any comments? I’m off to try more of u’r wonderful recipes. Click here for -> About. Hope this helps. What should be the approximate time in minutes between whistles? no need to soak the rice just wash it twice and drain . It is very useful for unmarried guys. Next to try is your Salna receipe! Tested to perfection! Cooking rice have been always tricky, got to experiment it. If cooking by traditional dum style then its need to be soaked for 30 minutes or more. This recipe is very good.I just added few drops of rosewater(available at most indian stores),came out really good. It came out excellent. You need to use Ghee instead of butter. Nowdays u make my food super taste. For 40 people , minimum 4 kgs rice to 5 kgs rice; Hi, ur receipe jz easy to cook for coming deepavali but can i get the recipe for 10 people plz coz need to cook for office colleague…. This recipe should feed 3 adults (good eaters), don't know about your guests, so.. you do the math. The water should be on a slightly saltier side before you put the rice in.