The Roman Centurions conquered their area of the globe; players of the drinking game, Centurion, get to conquer beer. Now, if you add that up, you’ll come close to 8 bottles of beer. United Kingdom: Centurion The British really know how to go all out when they party. They play one game called, Centurion. many diff rules can use such as not being able to level table to piss/vomit during the 100 mins etc. Yep, just over six and a half pints if using old fashioned 35mm film caps!! A lot of beer. The game is continued until a team reached 44 points to win. - Involves attempting to drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.Shots are done at 1 minute intervals. Rep:? We are sure that by now, you are convinced of the easiness and enjoyment factor of the games. Power Hour or 21 for 21 is a drinking game where players must consume a specified number of alcohol shots within one hour. If you want to play a drinking game with dice and cards, you can refer to the first game of our post, 8 fun drinking card games for 2 people. Announcements ... it gets you drunk but it isn't a particularly challenging or fun drinking game. Essentially u lose/stop if throw up and can play last man standing where u continue till last person reamins/vomits. Next, they must guess heads or tails, and the person to the left then flips a coin and reveals the outcome. Centurion is a game where every player has to do a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes straight. This game is known as Power Hour in the United States, often played to celebrate someone’s 21st birthday, but … Century Club drinking game, or Centurion is a hard-core drinking game for hard-core drinkers. Cider centurion was more achievable and left us feeling drunk before we left. tehforum Badges: 20. They really know how to play their drinking games as well. The losing team takes 4 drinks. And yes, the bar has been raised, but don't think you'll be raising it any more Del, Del, Del!!! In the United States, a power hour event is often associated with a person's 21st birthday when they reach the legal drinking age. You think a 25/35ml shot of cider, you're drinking around 5 - 7 pints in 1hr and 40 mins. 0. reply. 4) Centurion – The United Kingdom. The game is started when somebody pours as much or as little of their drink as they choose into the pint glass. Centurion drinking game Watch. Vodka and lime cordial centurion, made it to about 30 or 40 before we were A) out of vodka and B) getting worse for wear. Variants include one shot of beer every minute for an hour, or 60 shots within one hour. del 203 #3 Report Thread starter 7 years ago #3 (Original post by Dorito) about 5/6 pints in 1 hour 40 minutes. Beer die (or snappa) is a table-based drinking game where opposing players sit or stand at opposite ends and throw a die over a certain height with the goal of either landing the die in their opponent's cup or having the die hit the table and bounce over the scoring area to the floor. The concept is simple enough – Drink 1 ounce of beer every minute for 100 minutes. Players pour themselves a drink and a pint glass is placed in the middle of the table.