$200 (non-refundable) loan processing fee. Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine. Required fees must be paid by all students. Caribbean Medical University is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. All Saints University. The Bursar’s Office is responsible for billing and collection of student fees. All American Institute of Medical Sciences, American International Medical University, University of Medical and Health Sciences, International University of the Health Sciences, University of Science, Arts and Technology. Hassle-free tuition payments with CMU auto-debit. CMU’s bank account information are provided on student invoices. | Cost of medical education and available options to finance it, Student friendly way, that makes a dream of medical career more affordable to every student interested in studying medicine. The University, its offices and departments operate on an official CMU's Academic Calendars for the indicated years. American International Medical University. See some photos from college life. Discover Online Premed Program on go.cmumed.org. Jamaica. To get to $350k, you'd have to spend an additional $28,300 per year to cover everything else. Tuition fees: From $14,700; Link to the university website; The Caribbean Medical University is an independent medical school located in the Caribbean island of Curaçao (part of the Antilles in the southern Caribbean ocean). To sign up please download the payment plan form and submit it to the Finance Department. $7,150. Students officially withdrawing from the University will be credited for tuition and refundable fees in accordance with the following schedule, less the Enrollment Reservation Fee: CMU Malpractice Insurance Plan Premiums will be fully refunded if a student officially withdraws from the University before the first day of enrollment period. St. James School of Medicine. Rolling admissions. Premedical and Basic Science students should obtain a Withdrawal Form online or from the Registrar’s Office on Curacao. MEDICAL SCIENCES TUITION COSTS (SEMESTERS 1-5) PER … Tuition fee for Basic science is $3,900 per semester and tuition for Clinical science is $7,900. This fee includes one diploma and is non-refundable. Medical school tuition structure at Caribbean Medical University has been designed in a “student friendly” way, that makes a dream of medical career more affordable to every student interested in studying medicine. Official requests, like transcripts, enrollment certificates, grade reports, etc. Also, cost of living in the Caribbean is significantly lower. Development and Design by: Digital Age Media. Copyright © 2018 Caribbean Medicine.com. (*3) Per semester /4 months/. One time $40 Lab Coat Fee is required for all Basic Science students. Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine and its wider relationship with the partner universities are mutually beneficial in many ways. Problem-based Learning (PBL) is a systematic approach to learning which integrates basic science principles with sound medical practices. These Caribbean medical school tuition rates were valid as of June 2018 but may have changed since then. READ ALSO: Cost Of Studying In St Claire College, Canada Plus Admission Requirements. Student health and/or malpractice insurance are issued upon full payment of the balance by the invoice due date. All American Institute of Medical Sciences. Cost of living varies from student to student but on average you will need to budget about $600 US to $1000 US per month however roommates, conserving their utilities, cooking at home, and budgeting daily spending will help bring these costs down. Defaulters may not be able to register for classes and are liable for a late payment fee of 10%. Caribbean Medical University graduates are fully eligible to participate in residency training and licensure in the United States. All rights reserved. Sports and recreation are an essential part of University and campus life. Caribbean Medical University is pleased to bring its domestic and international Open House program to places near you. At Caribbean Medical University, our team of admission advisors is available to assist you and respond to any concerns quickly and efficiently. Clinical students should contact the U.S. Office to obtain a withdrawal form for signature and return. Housing Fees excluding first month, will be refunded according to the percentage set out in tuition refund policy. The cost of transportation will vary depending on the ways to commute. All students paying tuition and fees are entitled to the university services, facilities such as Library Services, Computer Rooms and other education related services. Caribbean Medical University offers student loan programs depending on the country of the student's origin. Here in the following, we will discuss the top 12 cheapest medical schools in the Caribbean. Those payment instruments should be made payable to Caribbean Medical University. Medical school tuition structure at Caribbean Medical University has been designed in a “student friendly” way, that makes a dream of medical career more affordable to every student interested in studying medicine. Every student has different needs, so these amounts are ONLY meant as an average. Students may remit payments directly from their checking or savings account using online bill pay or wire transfer. $500 (applied when not registered within one week of classes or when not attended scheduled rotation. Medical school tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the beginning of each semester. Anguilla. A student approved for loans but waiting for disbursement may provisionally register for classes. At Caribbean Medical University, students’ needs are a top priority. There is a 5% payment plan fee. Read about medical school tuition costs, financial aid eligibility, and other resources. may not be processed until all dues are cleared. $7,995. This makes medical school in the Caribbean an economical choice. The webinar is organized on a regular basis, you will receive a notification about the next meeting by e-mail. Discount will be given to students, who instruct the University to automatically deduct the tuition from their checking, savings account or credit card. Medical school tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the beginning of each semester. Tuition payment programs are renewable, short-term or long-term plans, which split the school fees into equal monthly installments. (*7) 6 clinical semesters of 12 weeks per semester. Failure to pay current semester charges may cause your schedule to be cancelled. If you are spending that much money in medical school (even living in NYC for clinicals … (*6) Average rent per month /utilities not included/. With graduates across the globe and a campus that include professors and students from many countries, CMU - School of Medicine has earned a worldwide reputation... Caribbean Medical University has some advantages over the other medical schools, that you may consider before making the final decision. Did you see the campus from a bird's eye view? In general, the cost of Caribbean medical schools is far less than US medical school. The Caribbean Medical University is located in Curacao with a $3,900 per semester tuition for Premed.