Those chords can be transposed into a completely different key as long as we retain the relationship. C,G, Am, F all the way through!!! Once you learn the chord progressions switching between those you can add the fourth later. The thing that amazes me about it though is that songs can sound so different despite being based on the same formula. This can make … I suppose a real musician can figure this out…but I need a little more help…I’ve learned the four chords pretty well…but can you help with the order of the chords…at least for a few of the songs? the most important strumming pattern you’ll ever learn, Grab my 32 ukulele strumming patterns PDF, Learn to spice up your chords and take your playing to the next level, Can’t Help Falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots Ukulele Lesson, Changing Fingering For Faster Chord Changes, Elton John – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (from The Lion King), John Denver – “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, Theme from America’s Funniest Home Videos, Kelly Clarkson – “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, The Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”, The Offspring – “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”, Timberland featuring OneRepublic – “Apologize”, Eminem featuring Rihanna – “Love the Way You Lie”. There are many songs around us. Axis of Awesome have picked sections of the songs where this will work and done a fair bit of transposing along the way. Technically all of the songs listed above don’t use the same chords. DD U UDU, Hi that was so inspirational. Can you please show the tabs for these songs? The truth is there are loads more to go at. Well let me start by saying the relationship between the chords is I, V, Vi and IV. Download Pdf. In the key of G for example the chords would be G, D, Em and C. Try it now using those chords instead, can you still recognise the songs? It’s the relationship between those chords that’s the important bit. Some of the songs in their list do use more than 4 chords for the verses and other sections of the songs. Getting your Uke in tune is an essential first step. Thanks for commenting. Why do so many songs use the same chords? and more! Incorrect. what is the strumming pattern for this song? Hopefully your song repertoire has just increased considerably! As most of the songs that Axis Of Awesome play are backed by a piano there’s no exact strumming pattern but if you really want some help on this, you could watch this rather brilliant TED video where Josh Kaufman has a crack at the 4 chord song on a uke…. Hi Rachel, I’ve updated the post with some help on this. For example, click the RED button.. 15 Songs using 4 Chord shapes on Ukulele - Am F G C - YouTube Print. beginners pack featuring tips, chords, worksheets and more! this is so true! I recommend getting a tuner because you will find that most Uke's go out of tune pretty often! Yes, many people want to learn to play the ukulele now. There’s just something that is pleasing to our ears about those chords and that keeps musicians coming back time and time again. I can’t read music and bought myself a ukulele because i was told that it’s an easy instrument to learn. Enjoy my parody of 4 Chord Songs and happy strumming! Try some different strumming patterns (get some help with strumming here) with those chords and see if you can hear anything you recognise. If you're really serious about learning the ukulele and want to learn at a much faster pace then I'd highly recommend checking out these ukulele ebooks. Award: Billboard Music Award for Mainstream Top 40 Single of the Year, Songwriter: Vincent Ford; Bob Marley (uncredited), Songwriter: Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, Award: MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, MORE, Nomination: Grammy Award for Record of the Year, Award: Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, Songwriter: Jason Desrouleaux, Claude Kelly, J.R. Rotem, Nomination: MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video, Songwriter: Mark White, Eric Schenkman, Chris Barron, Aaron Comess, Songwriter: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool, Songwriter: Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman, Genre: Classic Soul, R&B/Soul, Blues, Pop, Songwriter: Gene Chandler, Earl Edwards, Bernice Williams, Award: Grammy Award for Best Country Song, MORE, Nomination: Grammy Award for Song of the Year, MORE, Songwriter: Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Joey Moi, Chase Rice, and Jesse Rice, Genre: Country music, Country, Country Pop, Award: Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year, MORE, Nomination: World Music Award for World’s Best Song, MORE, Songwriter: Avril Lavigne, Lauren Christy, Scott Spock, and Graham Edwards, Songwriter: Billie Joe Armstrong; Mike Dirnt; Tré Cool, Genre: Acoustic rock, soft rock, alternative rock, folk rock, Album: Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963, Songwriter: Donny Brown, Doug Corella, Jeffrey Joseph Douglas, Brad Vander Ark, Brian Vander Ark, Songwriter: S. Johnson, B. Leen, P. Rhodes, J. Valenzuela, R. Wilson, Songwriter: Gregg Wattenberg, Marc Roberge. Songwriter:,, Taboo, Justin Timberlake, Printz Board, Michael Fratantuno and George Pajon. Thank you so much for this amazing article, I’m so excited to get started! Songwriter: ‎Aloe Blacc‎, ‎Mike Einziger, Award: Echo Award for Song of the Year, MORE. They use the same relationship between chords. And we’re talking about popular, well known songs that you’ll actually want to play. 4 Chord Ukulele Songs with Chords and Tutorial, Best 6 String Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Pineapple Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Professional Ukulele Reviews in 2020, Best Guitalele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Sounding Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Plastic Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Travel Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Lanikai Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide, Best Cheap Ukulele under $50 in 2020: Reviews to Pick, Best Banjo Ukulele and Banjolele in 2020: Guide to Pick. The Dictionary of 4-Chord Songs for Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin By Austin. As I always say though, just use it as a guide. Even just noodling around with those chords for a while you’re likely to find a few new ones. dua lipa – new rules the same goes for Am7, G, F and E7/E heres a list of songs i’ve discoved with those chords For example. Here’s the list of songs they manage to get through using just 4 chords…. The ebooks are aimed at all levels and all come with supporting MP3s and YouTube videos to help you learn. 1. This is so true! The point of the post is to show the versatility of the chord relationship. Required fields are marked *. But, they feel a problem when they wish to select songs for themselves. My Maton has a tuner built in, and some other ukes also have this feature, if yours does not then a small clip-on tuner like the D'Addario NS Micro Tuner would be a great fit!). Wow, you saw it live, that’s amazing Lina!