And can be quite delicious! For now, feel free to continue reading. Guinea fowl meat has 50% less fat than chicken and are leaner- giving a 50-50 ratio of meat to bone. Yes, you can eat Guinea eggs – they’re just not as commonly available as chicken eggs. No they need a dryer and warmer climate like in South Africa. Guineas are a wild bird that we have domesticated- somewhat. Plus– try some of these great guinea feather crafts, like a Guinea Feather Wreath or make Guinea Feather Earrings. The Free Range Life is a participant in the Amazon Series LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to us to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated websites. I am thinking of butchering my older hens and one male. 8. Just cook them like chicken eggs, but remember that the guinea fowl shell are much tougher than the chicken eggs. So, I know how difficult it is to get hold of them. Required fields are marked *. There are two reasons for this: Guinea fowl eggs are typically smaller than chicken eggs, so they’re easier to steal. Everyone is used to eating chicken and chickens eggs. They are light brown with lots of little speckles. This site contains affiliate links. In the laying season, guinea hens lay daily. They are rich and creamy and overall delicious! Disclosure. One of the richest kinds of eggs you can eat, they are often compared to eggs of other types of poultry, like ducks. They also tend to brood communally, which is why they pile eggs – they will take turns sitting on the nest once it’s time to brood. Your email address will not be published. The guinea fowl eggs are very tasty and consist of vitamins A, E, and also D3 which are essential for good health. Roughly 2 guinea fowl eggs = 1 large chicken egg. How good is their sense of smell, sight, & hearing. Just like other poultry like chickens, ducks, and quail, guinea fowl are completely edible. Today let’s talk about guinea fowl. They are safe and do the have protein? Guinea eggs are a bit smaller than chicken eggs- roughly 2 guinea eggs to equal one large egg. Snakes will steal and eat their eggs if they can find them, yes. Yes they can live together like good brothers and sisters. So if you have survived the first few months with guinea fowl and you … It is not uncommon to see a couple of hens taking care of a large clutch of keets. Guineas are not usually raised commercially for eggs because they do not lay as many or as often as chickens do, but their eggs are totally edible and can be used much like chicken eggs. Same as the meat, the eggs of guinea fowl can be eaten just like chicken eggs. Fly Away Little Guinea 5 Reasons NOT to Own Guinea Fowl Because of its leanness, the dark meat of the guinea fowl requires more care when cooking so that it doesn’t dry out and become stringy. Will Snakes Eat Guinea Fowl Eggs? A common question surrounding these birds is- Can you eat guinea fowl? Of course you can! would they still be good eating.? In this article: Learn the answer to the questions Can you eat guinea fowl and can you eat guinea eggs? You can cook and eat the eggs the same way that the chicken eggs can be used. Before you start eating guinea lets talk about some of the characteristics that make them different than chickens. Please consult your medical professional or veterinarian for any issues. Incubate the eggs and raise them as you would day old keets that you purchased. Thank you and have an awesome day! There are no supermarkets or even farmer’s markets near me that sell Guinea eggs. Yes! Related Reading: 15 Edible Weeds You Already Have in Your Yard! This website and the articles it contains are for informational purposes only. 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She will raise them as her own and take great care of them. Guinea Fowl Eggs Compared To Chicken The shells are very hard! Please see my disclosure page for more information about cookies collected and our privacy policy. They Will Brood and Breed. Do Guineas Eat Snakes? But since it is still quite wild guineas are considered game birds which. Your email address will not be published. Their shells can be quite a bit harder than you might be used to- so don’t be afraid to give them a good whack when cracking! You have two options: Put the guinea eggs under a broody hen. Did you know? The yolk to white ratio is also a bit different- with there being slightly more yolk than white. The Beginners Guide to Raising Guineas I hope you can find some locally to try if you’re not raising Guinea though. Guinea eggs are brown. We’ve even gotten somewhat used to eating duck and duck eggs (find out more about duck eggs!). Blessings to you and your family Thanks for the awesome information on Guinea fowl I have a burgeoning baking business and I need a constant supply of Guinea fowl eggs I have room to raise them but I need a constant supply now Do you have a source for eggs or any suggestions? Guinea eggs are a bit smaller than chicken eggs- roughly 2 guinea eggs to equal one large egg. They are based on my own experiences and research and are in no way meant to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any health issues. If you leave things in the hand of a guinea hen, sadly, the keets will probably not survive. by Sarah Toney | Nutrition, Poultry | 8 comments. Yes is the answer and they are “eggstremely” tasty – my opinion! Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. and Can you eat guinea eggs? Wintertime I could have them in a barn.. Greetings Sarah’ 15 Edible Weeds You Already Have in Your Yard. But there is a big poultry world out there- and chickens aren’t the only bird around. Guineas are not usually raised commercially for eggs because they do not lay as many or as often as chickens do, but their eggs are totally edible and can be used much like chicken eggs. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission. Compared to a chicken egg, there is much more yolk than egg white in a guinea egg, and contrary to popular belief, guinea eggs do not taste gamey. would they survive in my garden in middle Sweden. Here are a couple guinea fowl recipes for you to try out: Guinea fowl casserole with parsnip and pear, Pot-Roasted Guinea Fowl with Sage, Celery and Blood Orange, Roast supreme of guinea fowl with sherry and grapes. Their meat tends to be gamey in taste, similar to a pheasant or other wild game bird. Moist cooking methods- like using an Instant Pot- are a great way to cook and prepare the guinea meat, as is using a lot of fat and roasting slow. So, can you eat guinea fowl eggs? If you keep chickens and Guinea fowl, it’s often more likely they will steal the Guinea fowl eggs than your chickens.