Do You Need a Structural Engineer and an Architect? The layout is completely planned out by the structural engineer… My plan was to get a degree in civil engineering and get a masters in architecture to ultimately become an architect… Other engineers that may be involved in building design are electrical engineers … Architect vs Structural Engineer . I am currently studying civil engineering in school, but my heart is set on being an architect, or possibly being a hybrid of a structural engineer and architect. It is common for people to be confused about differences between structural engineers and architects. Many people are confused about the difference between a structural engineer and an architect. The reason I know that architects in California can do structural calculations in many cases is in addition to being familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the practice of Architecture in California I've worked for years with an architect who has done the structural … Even when takes a look at the definition of a structural engineer, it looks remarkably similar to what an architect … Construction plans: A structural engineer will work closely with the architect… Civil, architectural and structural engineers have the responsibility of applying an architect's design and carrying it through to construction. The goal of these engineers is to satisfy the customer's requirements and make the design functional and safe. A structural engineer is there to ensure that the project is planned out with safety in mind. A structural engineer can use their expertise to verify that the build-site is suitable for the requirements of the approaching project or if soil corrections will need to be made.