Me neither. Tagged: presentation skills, PowerPoint guide, death by powerpoint, powerpoint techniques, bullet points, alternatives to bullet points, creating slides. I'm an information professional working in Higher Education. First things first: bullet points are not inherently bad. The main problem with this slide is clear – the bullet points. This simple tip could transform your influence. Mar 29, 2017 | Bring Numbers To Life, Super-hero presentations, Telling stories with data. 5) Turn your bullet points into something visual An example of using icons instead of bullets A fifth option is to basically use bullets without people thinking 'Aargh, bullet points, death by PowerPoint here I come' etc. Additionally, you can enrich the main points by adding a symbol for each item. ), An example of using fewer words without reducing the impact. Bullet Point Alternatives Text Box. It’s somewhat sad as bullets are a great way to organize content and create a structure. They grab quickly attention to the certain point: You can apply your brand colors to the lists, as the arrows are PowerPoint editable shapes. issue - well, here are five alternatives to using bullets. The alternating hexagon is another good approach using PowerPoint SmartArt. There are many possible alternatives to bullet lists in PowerPoint that will make your slides more catchy and impress the audience. A fifth option is to basically use bullets without people thinking 'Aargh, bullet points, death by PowerPoint here I come' etc. We use cookies to analyse how you use our website. You can use tick symbols to describe a Yes situation but also in bullet points. People worry that this method will mean a longer presentation but this isn't the case - you take the same amount of time overall, but cycle more quickly through the slides. Again it means you can have all the points on screen, but you're not using bullets and you're in sync with your audience. The idea was to make long paragraphs easier to read. The concept of Death by PowerPoint has largely been blamed on the over use of bullets in presentations. The problem is as great as bullets are for organizing and structure content, bullet Description: Use these creative text boxes in PowerPoint as alternatives to boring bullet point slides. Other bullet list creative ideas for PowerPoint can be achieved using SmartArt graphics and other similar PowerPoint graphics. It does what a single slide with bullet points would do, but uses colour and visual elements over three slides to introduce the information in a more engaging way. This will work in PowerPoint and other presentation authoring tools. To demonstrate an alternative to bullet points, let’s use this slide as an example: This slide is representative of slides used in most business presentations. These arrow-shaped lists are good to express dynamic style. In these instances neither of the first two techniques are appropriate; you need all the text on one screen. Use icons (for example from as bullet points - the images will help your audience learn. Rather than making four or five points on one slide (and risk your audience reading ahead and getting out of sync with you the presenter), make one point per slide over four or five slides. (They often turn presentations into written documents) In fact, your audience engages less, remembers less, agrees less and likes you less when you use bullet points in your PowerPoint presentations. Ways to avoid bullet points by using these simple 7 alternative layouts: Let’s start on your quest to avoid bullet points here: A typical example of a PowerPoint seen in way too many corporate presentations. Join the only finance business partner training from people who have seen it for real from both sides. This gives each point room to breathe, and helps with signalling to ensure your audience understands and remembers you. A basic example is shown here. Sometimes other ways of displaying your points can make for a better looking Powerpoint presentation that will impress your audience.