And luck to both you and Nico this summer with yur plans to construct an oven. The bread is laid directly on the hearth, the door closed and the held heat of the brick does the baking:  10 minutes for pizza; 20 minutes for small loaves; 30-45 minutes for large loaves. Your email address will not be published. It is the long heat storage time of the clay mass which makes all of this possible. BUILD A BASE OF STONE, MORTAR, SAND AND RUBBLE: It should be as long and wide as your plans dictate and end up being knee to thigh high so as to make the heavy work of tending the fires and baking the bread easy. … I have a winter place in south west florida where I plan to build an oven however the clay belts are in the panhandle!!! It worked, but not as well as we thought it should, so we obtained some 1″ thick fire bricks and paved floor of the oven with those. These first fires will demonstrate the efficiency of the door to dome ratio planned in step 1. We originally used the board and batten method used in Quebec, but now (16 years later) are having the wood replaced by corrugated metal roofing, which is both fire proof and rot-resistant. His sketchy instructions, however, were no match for the weighty anthropological reconstruction of the French Canadian ovens described by Boily and Blanchette. And I’ll bet the bread is heavenly. 6c. Bake both in the sawdust bucket (step #5 above) to see if there is any difference. It is beyond belief. If that is your plan anytime in future, you should definitely invest time in making simple, yet rewarding diy clay pizza oven. However, if you make it bigger, you can also create a patio or sitting area next to your brick oven%(26). There were several outdoor bread ovens in the neighborhood where he grew up, including one at his grandmother’s place. It is a text I highly recommend. And that goes not just for building the ovens but also for providing instructions. This may mean it contains some sea salt, but if so their ‘weathering’ of the clay would seem to allow the natural rains to wash away any unbound salt. 7. Here’s his step by step how-to: For a number of years now, ever since The Three Thousand Mile Garden TV series aired, we have received a steady stream of requests for assistance/plans/advice for building an outdoor bread oven similar to the one constructed for that series. Over these construct a 2X4 frame around the perimeter of the base. 2a. Truthfully, I would rather eat white bread than to breathe Hydrochloric acid vapor! Here is how we did it. Allen Scott oven plans Alas the filedropper link no longer is active. Build 2 fires, 1/2 hour apart. Thanks to Leslie for putting me onto this! – than we realized. Yes the bread, the thin pizzas, the pies, the roasted tomatoes are all wonderful. We did not witness the digging up of the Maine clay so cannot comment on how long it had been out of the ground, but it arrived in a sticky moldable condition. This will correspond to your OD measurements. The oven door should be slightly less than two-thirds the height of the dome and about one-half the oven’s inner diameter in width at the base (about 13 inches in our example). Gather more than you think you will need. 6d. 1: Clay Made Bread & Pizza Oven Plans. We did not know to do this on the NY oven and a permanent crack now exists over the arch. OUR OVEN PLANS. Your email address will not be published. Bill directed me to a terrific book entitled, ” The Bread Ovens of Quebec”. Set the wet loaves of clay over the frame, molding them together. Winter is also a good time to locate and test the clay for step 5. Leslie, Hi Bill….I cam across your site researching outdoor oven plans and really enjoyed the work you have done here, very informative. Photos of Bill building the oven by Leslie. Thanks very interested As we get ready to fire up for Thanksgiving, I’m reminded how lucky I am. Then begin the bending, shaping and wiring using the thickest saplings to set the major meridians. Todd. If you don’t mind downloading lots of pdf files, you can get it free online from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. This size oven will bake @ 10 round loaves plus 4- 8 baguettes of bread, along with a small pizza or two in one baking, followed by a few pies and slow cooked beets, tomatoes or other vegetables using only the residual heat of the firing. The breads that Leslie bakes however are as good as can be. Spread the mixture evenly over the entire surface of the oven. Info on the net however indicated that are probably made with aluminum oxide. For either method use the 2X4’s (3a above) as the platform. 3b. In Maine a local farmer brought us a load. Build a Base for the Oven Place large stones in a circular ring on the ground, roughly 4 feet in diameter. Take it from me, and I ain’t tender. In this way they become permanent redundant construction members able to be used in the future if need be. As the shape comes into being you can progress to smaller and smaller twigs. Bread oven foundation plans Next, you have to build and install the formwork, along the trences. Next thing to be thankful for: he’s a man of action. Brick bread oven plans on image for more information. As it is used it will chew up a small depression in the ground into which clay, sand, and water can be added to the rototilled earth making a superb mixture. I certainly admire them, and they bake wonderfully! We usually use 2×10 wooden boards for the form and 2×4’s for the stakes. Required fields are marked *.