Please see our "Store Locator" for help finding stores near you. WHERE CAN I FIND BOLTHOUSE FARMS® SALAD DRESSINGS? DO YOUR DRESSINGS CONTAIN ANY TRANS FATS? Plastic bottles are easy to lift, handle, and pour. Any source of gluten will be clearly labeled on packaging per FDA labeling regulations. Bolthouse Farms is one of the largest carrot growers and distributors in the U.S. As part of our growing approach, we provide locally grown carrots from Washington, Georgia, Florida, Eastern Canada and Arizona, in addition to California. Consume in moderation. They are not genetically altered. They may not offer all of the other nutrients needed for the baby. The green goodness is really good - but it has tons of sugar in it from all of the fruits. I am a big fan of the strawberry/banana smoothie! I encourage you to visit the product section on our website – we are transparent about what’s in each bottle and what is not – to find the flavor and nutritional label that works best for you. If you're not a fan of bananas or green apples wouldn't recommend green goodness because those are the predominant flavors. ARE THE CARROTS REALLY "BABY" CARROTS OR ARE THEY CUT FROM LARGER CARROTS? The one i have now is called blue goodness it contains 69 blueberries, 3 black berries, 2 1/4 bananas, 8 1/2 apples, 3/4 lemon. This time, which Bolthouse Farms Juice has the least/most protein, carbs, and fat? Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness is a blend of wheat grass, de-odorized garlic (curious as to how they do this), spirulina, spinach and blue-green algae. Should i keep drinking these drinks? This is especially true in the case of healthier, more “natural” products. Currently, our dressings not contain gluten or gluten containing ingredients. We have a line of certified organic dressings and a line of non-organic conventional dressings. IS THERE ANY VITAMIN LOSS DURING THE JUICING PROCESS? Glass bottles are not built to handle utensils, which are often used with dressings in jars. DO YOU USE CHLORINE TO CLEAN YOUR CARROTS? Glass is heavier and can break much easier than the PET plastic used in our dressings. Yes, due to the dairy ingredients in our dressings. All Rights Reserved. That’s due to the use of actual ingredients, like blueberries instead of … From the very beginning, the company was known for quality and innovation. This time, which Bolthouse Farms Juice has the least/most protein, carbs, and fat? As always, when in doubt, throw it out. Why would they not be healthy? MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a compound of glutamic acid and is used as a flavor enhancer. To ensure the best quality product, we print a "Best Used By" date on each container to indicate the expected shelf life of a product. Once the product has been opened, its quality will vary depending on many factors, including the temperature and location the product is stored. Bolthouse Farms® pasteurizes all of its premium beverages for food safety as well as shelf life purposes. Bolthouse Farms continuously monitors the chlorine levels and verifies those levels throughout the entire production day. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT E. COLI IN GREEN GOODNESS®? As a result, we reduce the number of trucks on the road. As mentioned here, the flavor of a product almost always decides its nutrients. Bolthouse Farms® beverages can be found in the refrigerated produce section of your local grocery store. HOW LONG WILL YOUR DRESSINGS LAST AFTER OPENED? I also like the mango flavor when I'm searching for something especially sweet. In 2007, Bolthouse added another state-of-the-art facility to produce premium, refrigerated dressings. The water used to wash the carrots is made safe following strict FDA and EPA guidelines. It really is! The bottles can be recycled anywhere that accepts P.E.T. Personalized health review for Bolthouse Farms Fruit Juice Smoothie, Green Goodness: 240 calories, nutrition grade (D), problematic ingredients, and more. DO YOU ADD PRESERVATIVES TO YOUR CARROTS? If sweeteners are added, it is clearly noted on the bottle’s list of ingredients. From time to time, we distribute coupons to our retail customers. No, none of our dressings contain any trans fat. Our carrots are chilled before they are bagged and they stay refrigerated until you buy them. the new passion fruit one is great. Bolthouse juice bottles can be recycled anywhere that accepts P.E.T. For several reasons. From the very beginning, the company was known for quality and innovation. 4) Plastic is better for transportation. No. HOW LONG CAN YOUR JUICE BE CONSUMED ONCE OPEN? 3) Better food safety for consumers. I think they are healthy for you esp since they are all-natural but I would try to eat something too (if you can). Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Bolthouse Farms makes great smoothies. They are washed and ready to be eaten.