Always brush from root to tip – With each stroke of the brush, start at the root of the hair and work all the way down to the tip. Leave-in products like mousses and hairsprays just don’t mix well with boar bristle brushing because they can clog up the bristles. There still are all small white sticky things left on my boar brush and comb, even after soaking it for hours and after cleaning them with MM shampoo and water. How to use a Boar Bristle Brush: Use a boar bristle brush the same way you would use a regular brush but make sure you’re making good contact with your hair’s roots and pull the brush all the way down to your ends. I had no choice but clean the brush and comb with regular shampoo and water. First things first, a boar bristle brush is as it sounds made from the hair of a wild boar/hog. I have long, thick, wavy hair. Boar bristle brushes are ideal for stimulating the production of sebum and oil which … There are a few steps to properly use a boar bristle brush: Only use the brush on dry hair. Start at the roots Because boar bristles is an excellent hair brush material that has been used for centuries & multiple cultures across the globe. Any tips for removing that? Better than Organic. On one side, my hair is very thick so I don’t know if the pure boar bristles brush would pass through. Anthony believes that through education the world can rid itself of harmful chemicals and toxins. Thank you! Straighten up slowly. If your hair is curly, you won’t need to brush this often because it can end up relaxing your curls. Your email address will not be published. After applying your water based moisturizer (I use S Curl) and smoothing it with your fingers over the bottom couple of inches of your hair, a couple of light swipes with the boar bristle brush will ensure complete coverage of each strand. I've heard it said that with boar bristle brushes, you either love em or hate em. First, start by brushing the back of the hair by bending over, then stand up and brush the hairline. Here is a great article with some benefits of boar bristle brushes and advice on how to brush your hair! A boar bristle brush is a personal hygiene and styling tool made with hog hairs. Always brush from root to tip – With each stroke of the brush, start at the root of … Some boar bristles come with a round barrel that can be suitable for use with a hair dryer or styling hair, while others come as a paddle brush, round brush, with a cushion, or even with plastic tips to help the bristles penetrate the hair. Sebum will improve your curls strength and shine. If you read our previous blog, you will know the benefits of using a boar bristle brush. With more than 20 years’ experience, and a relentless pursuit to exceed expectations and deliver professional hair extension services, Carla has established two successful Melbourne salons and a strong celebrity following. To clean my brush, I rinse it under cool water then use a lint-free, tightly-woven towel to gently remove the residue from the bristles. Clean your brush regularly – use a comb to remove the hair from your boar bristle brush after each use. Now that we’ve talked about how to brush your hair, lets talk about when to brush your hair. Start at the nape of the neck, then move to the sides, and lastly to the crown all the way to your front facial hairline. Repeat the above procedure standing upright. To remove stubborn build up from your brush, you can soak the bristles in warm water with a small amount of shampoo for a few hours. Firmly grasp the handle. Calm the “boar bristle brush static” – Because a boar bristle brush separates each hair strand to naturally condition it with sebum, you’ll notice that your hair “poofs” or becomes static-y during brushing. This is to be expected and it is simple to address. The boar brush doesn’t tend to cake up and require cleaning nearly as often as the badger brush, however, if you like, you can clean it, but, since the bristle will absorb water, be careful of what you use, and of how long you use it. You will get lots of build up of toxins, oils, and dirt. Many high quality boar brushes … This is the best way to evenly disperse the natural hair oils. Please reach out to our experts at for detailed advice about your specific detox experience :), Your email address will not be published. By coating your hair with additional sebum, you set in motion new, healthy growth while you experience the renewal of sound sleep. Scroll with your mouse or arrow keys to see more! Gently detangle your hair first using a wide-tooth comb. Did you like this article? You’ll find the most oil at the nape of the neck, and it is good to begin your nightly brushing routine there. In our last blog we talked about the boar bristle brush benefits, but now it is time to discuss how to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush. Stand straight, then bend over from the waist as far as possible allowing blood to flow freely to your scalp. As you brush your hair the boar bristle brush helps to produce and take the oils, and spread it from the very root of your hair and helps effectively carry throughout the hair length and smooth it until the end.