But, there is no need to worry. I have a Lenovo U31 laptop and run Windows 10 (it is only 9 months old). I've tried multiple fixes and nothing seems to work. Thank you. Close it and boom, it's fixed! 1. Deselect the headset, and choose it as a wireless speaker. Question: Q: [Bootcamp Windows 10] Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering. I have updated Windows, audio drivers, and the headphones themselves. Hello! ... Connect the speaker/ headphone to your computer again. Try this easy fix. It is poor when connected to a Bose speaker or to a bluetooth dongle (QED U-play into hi-fi). In my case I found that by bluetooth mouse somehow interferes with the bluetooth headset. As soon as I turn off the mouse, the audio stops stuttering. I have chosen the headphone profile (not headset profile) for audio playback. Bluetooth headphone issues (choppy audio) I have been having a problem with my headphones and bluetooth for some time with Windows 10. Fix for stuttering, lag in Bluetooth mouse on Windows 10 Here’s how I fixed the stuttering and lag issue with my Logitech MX Master working with Windows 10 Home and Pro: Open up the System screen within the Control Panel (keyboard shortcut: Win+Pause/Break) Does anyone know how to solve this problem? At first I thought it was because of the actual headphones I was using so I purchased a new (expensive!) And it all boils down to this: if the screen to manage Bluetooth devices is open, you will have stuttering sound. These headphones have worked for years just fine until just a couple weeks ago. For instance, stuttering may take place if your computer recognizes a Bluetooth speaker as both a speaker and a wireless headset. Having distortion or bad sound quality in Windows 10 with Bluetooth headphones or other devices? A few weeks ago I started having a stutter in the audio of my Skullcandy Hesh2 bluetooth headphones. ... Bluetooth audio stutters every 10-30 on Windows 10. Fixing stuttering audio with Bluetooth headphones on Windows 10 by Mikey McCorry on 23 August, 2018 — No Comments This post isn't related to web development but … When I connect my bluetooth headphones to my Macbook Pro, the audio comes out like a badly scratched CD. I've had the TaoTronics BH046 bluetooth headphones (with noise cancellation) and it's been a great experience using them so far! Some Windows 10 users are also complaining about similar kind of problem in the forum. Details follow. Ive purchased the Bose QC 35 bluetooth headphones. They have been paired with my Windows 10 desktop. pair, but it … After a bit of back and forward, trying to disconnect and reconnect the headphones I managed to replicate the issue. Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit - Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.572) Above is the current build of my OS. Audio plays with constant stuttering. TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Can Help Fix the Stutter Problem. Fix- Sound stuttering / distortion problem in Windows 10. I have tried disabling all enhancements. The problem worsens when I also connect my Apple bluetooth keyboard. If the answer to this question is ‘Yes‘, then you are not alone. TaoTronics has a wide selection of high-quality Bluetooth headphones, including the highly acclaimed SoundSurge 60 and SoundSurge 46 Hybrid Active Noise-Cancelling headphones.. My bluetooth audio is poor (stutter / choppy / hiccuping), but this stops when I turn the wifi off.