523 comments. Civilian Casualties Also, during a ranging beyond the Wall, Jon encountered the giant Wun Wun and a small group of wildlings, who he convinced to come back to Castle Black with them. Spoiler-packed behind-the-scenes piece on the big battle of season five, last week's "massacre at Hardhome". Jon Snow, didn't become a wight the moment he died 1 and had time to be carried indoors.. Other characters at Castle Black talked about burning dead bodies, even when they were on the south side of the Wall 2 at the time, as they were inside Castle Black IIRC. Find all videogalleries including political news, current affairs and news headlines online on Massacre At Hardhome today. It was superb. Hardhome, beyond the Wall Freefolk is definitely not a circlejerk! Jon shuldve had a fight with the NK. Both are incredible though. As the wildlings are boarding rowboats that will take them to safety around the Wall, the sounds of a storm are heard and a mist starts to pour over the cliffs behind the settlement. Gimme that epic battle u sobs d&d. Massacre at Hardhome > Battle of Winterfell. Unbeknownst to Jon (though Arya did hear about it in Braavos), two Lyseni galleys arrived some time before at Hardhome to make repairs. Dunno y theyd not have that. Will send reports. Meanwhile, Karsi fights off multiple wights before she is confronted by a pack of undead children. Those killed in the defense of Hardhome, as well as those who were unable or unwilling to board the Royal Fleet, are revived as wights by the Night King; as Jon watches from his boat, the Night King slowly raises his hands and the dead reawaken with glowing blue eyes. Twenty ravens aboard, and Maester Harmune. Melee Restricted List Update and Printer-Friendly RL Document. Melisandre also remains at Castle Black as Stannis is recruiting the northern mountain clans before marching on Winterfell. Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture. Jon intended to bring as many of them as possible to Castle Black, reasoning that any wildling who dies at Hardhome is one more wight to fight against. This thread is archived. It was really surprising. Noted traditionalists, the clansmen would take offense from a fanatic disrespecting their religion and urging them to convert. Jon retreats from the burning town hall and retrieves Longclaw. Under the sea the crows are white as snow, I know, I know, oh, oh, oh." The menacing feel of the Night King was awesome. Dead things in the water. Tyrion advises Daenerys. Shielded by the giant Wun Wun, who wields a burning log as a club before walking into the sea with them, they manage to get to the last remaining boat to make it to their ships. Those killed in the defense of Hardhome, as well as those who were unable or unwilling to board the Royal Fleet, are revived as wights by the Night King; as Jon watches from his boat, the Night King slowly raises his hands and the dead reawaken with glowing blue eyes. The come at me bro moment had my mouth dropped open. Send help by land, seas wracked by storms. Massacre at Hardhome > Battle of Winterfell. Witch women call us slavers. Under the waves we will ride seahorses, and mermaids will blow seashells to announce our coming, oh, oh, oh.". Not a man shall return." Previous Braavosi captains will only take women, children on their ships. Posted by. Major strategic White Walker victoryTens of thousands of wildlings killed and raised as wightsMinor tactical Living Victory~5,000 wildlings successfully evacuated Attempt to take Storm Crow defeated, six crew dead, many wildlings. We may drown more wildlings than we save. The first of Cotter Pyke's reports that Jon received read: "Calm seas today. As things turn to be, that raiding has unexpected disastrous consequences on Cotter Pyke's mission. After thinking it over, Marsh and Yarwyck advised Jon to send there wildlings, reasoning that they were useless for the Watch and expendable. Birgitte Hjort Sørensen made a splash this past Sunday as Karsi, a wildling leader. 302 AC For this reason alone I like S5 over 6. The fact no ww fougbt any of our heroes wad a dissapointment. The next report contained very bad news: "At Hardhome, with six ships. "Hardhome" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 48th overall. Arya meets her first target. Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane, along with other members of the Night's Watch, arrive at the wildling town of Hardhome to convince the rest of the wildlings to join them in the upcoming war against the White Walkers and their armies of wights. List of references to Game of Thrones in other media, The Rains of Castamere (Histories & Lore), Telltale video game navigation sub-portal, Miguel Sapochnik - co-showrunner/director, https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Massacre_at_Hardhome?oldid=435925. On top of a cliff overlooking Hardhome, multiple White Walkers mounted on undead horses oversee the battle, including the Night King. The episode as a whole is really good. Place Yet, Jon remained adamant and gave orders to Cotter Pyke to sail to Hardhome with the eleven ships they had, three of them from Salladhor Saan's fleet and another three that Jon borrowed from Tycho Nestoris (since, in the novels, Nestoris seeks out Stannis at Castle Black instead of Stannis seeking the Iron Bank's aid before sailing north). It’s just a great moment. And D&D destroyed that in 10 minutes in episode 3. dont you see that they didnt make jon pet ghost because of CGI cost? Worse, they were under attack of wights, who apparently can operate underwater, though it is unknown whether the Others are present as well.