dried fruit, celery, pepper, low fat yogurt, blue cheese crumbles and 10 more . Roast Beef Green Egg Recipes 933,615 Recipes. (It was a 5 pound roast.) This search takes into account your taste preferences. Once at temperature, place the prime rib directly on the grate with the fat side facing up. After the sear, I took the meat off, put the plate setter onto the Egg and dropped the Temp to about 375-400F and put the roast back on to finish. Roast Beef New York Style Snacks. It was dry and tough. 933,615 suggested recipes. Yes No No Preference. I set up the Large Big Green Egg the same way I would for a steak cook and got the temperature up to about 650F and I proceeded to sear off the roast on the outside the same way I would a steak for about 6-8 minutes. Last updated Nov 17, 2020. Roast Beef Waldorf Salad Marilyn's Treats. I rubbed it with olive oil, rubbed it with my custom dry rub, and stuffed some crushed garlic cloves in the sides, per the BBQ Pit Boys video. Are you looking for a grilling recipe? To smoke the chuck roast, we are going to use the same method I use to smoke a whole brisket, except step down the temperature to 225 F. For a smaller cut of meat, I think 225 F will keep the beef nice and juicy. Stock up your spice cabinet & grab some ground coffee to take your farm-to-table delivered Greensbury's organic, grass-fed chuck roast to the next level! Close the lid and cook the beef for 15-20 minutes per pound. Cooked it at 350 for 2.5 hours to 130 degrees. EGGnite your Big Green Egg and set it up for indirect heat at 300F. I did a Beef Bottom Round Roast today, and it was disappointing. https://bbqhawks.com/2019/04/17/reverse-seared-eye-of-round-roast New … Skip. I am using a Large Big Green Egg for this cook, which is my favorite smoker for longer cooks that require more control. When the rib roast has reached an internal temperature of 110F for rare, 120F for medium rare or 130F for medium doneness.