I have a manfrotto 055 with mine and it is great. InternetSales@optcorp.com, 800-483-6287 We will be glad to help. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! 3/8" Attachment screw compatible with Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro camera tracker mounts. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Pro Pack. The telescopic leg sections can be extended and clamped in any position using the integral leg locks. I would be very grateful if someone could suggest a tripod which would fit and work well for taking some images. 3 models Faxon Firearms Magazine Marker Bands (11) $9.99 (Save 14%) $8.55 Instant Savings. Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. I would put some photos on the site but I painted it last night so it still wet at the moment. Sign up for OPT news, exclusive offers, and updates on the latest gear! I use mine on my Vixen Porta II, very solid. Cheers for the replies folks, really helpful.....and reassuring that I don't have to splash too much cash! Your price: $520.00. Compatible with the 21.5cm Sky-Watcher extension tube available separately. There is a SW adapter that I saw once but can't find it now. Huge selection of items, great speed in delivery and you get great customer support. By Will also suit other products requiring a tripod with 3/8" screw connector. No modification was made to the tripod at all which means it can be returned to normal service if needed. I don’t even want to say it’s name in case I scare it away from coming back into inventory! Will also suit other products requiring a tripod with 3/8" screw connector. A 12" length of 3/8" UNC studding and a couple of wing nuts and you are there. I've got an old Manfrotto tripod that looks similar to that one, but it was not heavy or stable enough to prevent all the vibrations I was experiencing with my Star Adventurer. Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer adjustable height Tripod. buy DETAILS. InternetSales@optcorp.com, © 2020 OPT Telescopes. Whether you call them ‘sky trackers,’ ‘tracking camera mounts,’ or any other similar combination, they all do the same thing. derrylad, March 1, 2016 in Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice. Yes I saw one being used in a YouTube video but never found the item available anywhere. Start Chat Your input is very much appreciated. buy DETAILS (1) A lightweight and highly portable aluminium tripod with handy accessory tray ideal for the Star Adventurer and Star Adventurer Mini photo mountings, as well as other products requiring a tripod with 3/8" screw connector. I purchased the Skywatcher Star Adventurer tripod which already highlighted one of the big benefits of dealing with OPT. A 12" length of 3/8" UNC studding and a couple of wing nuts and you are there. Rock solid, you will probably just need to use a different length of threaded rod and some nuts to attach the mount. Sky-Watcher . Add to Cart. Luckely, it has a long center column where you can hang some weights to. Used a plastic pipe connector and cut some slots. I recently purchased a Skywatcher Star Adventurer which unfortunately does not easily attach to my basic EQ1 tripod. Give it a try. The first one I made was a little loose but at 51p I splashed out for another! So I really don't think that tripod will work that well, especially if using a big, heavy lens. Perfect fit! Ideal budget … Also compatible with AZ-GT series and AZ5. I made the adapter from a 21mm solvent weld overflow straight coupling from Tool Station cat number 10708, also in white 84387. Add to Cart. As you can see, tripod is not that big and causes a lot of frustration due to fibration which I tried to reduce with rubber bands around the lens and barndoor (off course this didn't help allot ;-)).