Or maybe it was who played them. Today's best Seymour Duncan SH4 JB and Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups … Whether you are a lead guitar player or like to play rhythm, the SSL4 works equally well in both situations. They are easy to fit and are set at a very attractive price point. Monterrey means one thing, Hendrix… oh yes, that’s the name of that bloke from Seattle. DiMarzo has overcome that by using Alnico II magnets, which produce a sharper sound. The plus point is that it put a Fender into the hands of someone who couldn’t afford a more expensive version. If you were to replace all three with them, it would get a little expensive. It took us from ‘Wonderful Land’ by the Shadows to ‘Foxy Lady’ by the bloke from Seattle… oh, what was his name. What about being outrageous and having an ‘active’ pick up. Being a Fender product, they are bound to be considered one of the best noiseless pickups for a strat around. It’s got everything you need for quick and easy installation, which is one of the reasons why it’s worth it. It is definitely a must-have if you love blues. Mmmm. For that reason alone, they are going to be considered as one of the Best Sounding Stratocaster Pickups on the market. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. You also get a lot more sustain. But hang on? The SSL4 is a versatile pickup as you do not need three separate pickups for the various positions. A 10" - 14" fingerboard radius offers a combo of old … With some added punch… They are set up in the traditional Bridge, Middle, and Neck positions, and, of course, are passive. Fender Tex-Mex Strat Pickups Previously seen on the great Jimmie Vaughan’s signature Stratocaster, the Fender Tex-Mex pups are now available in a standalone package. Best Strat Pickups – Time to Upgrade Your Pups. As you know by now, this has the effect of drastically reducing any hum when in pickup selector switch positions two and four. As these pickups are very affordable they are worth your every penny. Others will say that it was the presence of the hum that helped make the sound and what they were, if you are talking vintage sound, of course. They give a greater output than what you would normally expect. They still have a full-tone, but they have much more of a punch. The only thing you will need to add is to crank up the volume and hear the quality sound produced. If you have to use the Wilkinson WVS, then you will love the MWVS which is an improved version. Best Strat Pickups for Blues The Stratocaster will always be associated with the blues, with countless blues greats using the model, from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Clapton, Hendrix and Buddy Guy. That’s is not say they are poor quality because they are not. Finally, in addition to our review above, you can read up reviews of the product that you have narrowed down before you proceed to purchase. What Fender has actually done here, in our opinion, is create a great pickup, with no noise. Overall, I would say the Fender Texas Special is the best Strat Pickup for blues and works well for many other musical styles as well. Fender has produced another set of pickups for a Strat with an authentic vintage sound. This is because the vibration or the string movement becomes lesser as the sound travels close to the bridge. If you fit these be warned, they bite. It is a known fact that single-coil pickups produce the maximum output, but what if you could get twice the power of a single-coil pickup. This makes allowances for the extra string volume next to the bridge. They might just not offer the sound that some do, which is understandable and acceptable in our book. Top 16 Best Single-Coil Pickups Of 2020 Reviews. With these pickups, they have gone back to their roots. The middle pickup has a reverse polarity. They really perform way above their price tag. They have added a little modern design technology, of course, but it still bears the hallmark sound. Cyber Monday Deals – Save Up to 96%! Extra contouring on the back of the body gives access all areas, er, access for your fretting hand. TheGreatDevice.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.All images are the property of their respective owners. That pickup selector is kicked to the right, and the Seymour Duncan is cutting through. The Fender Tex-Mex might just be the one for you. So they don’t stand out on a guitar that has a few years behind it. When it comes to Strat pickups, it's got to be Fender's Custom Shop Texas Special Strat models. They have had a very serious customer who installed one of their pickups in the bridge position on his ‘black strat’ Guess who? If you own a Strat guitar then finding the best strat pickups is essential to getting the amazing vintage sound you expected when you bought your guitar. Clearly, when you buy these single pickups you are getting more value for your money. The sound produced is so amazing, warm, and clean that they can be even used for professional set-ups. Finding the Best Stratocaster Pickups is, therefore, not going to be that easy. They will, of course, fit the Squier Stratocaster. The pickup placement changes for each guitar type and is also known as the pickup configuration. The resistance from the magnet and the coil gives your guitar’s output more punch and sustain. Some manufacturers have gone on to use Ceramic, but Fender has stuck with their Alnico, Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt. However, it does bear some differences. It also helps to ask for a recommendation from friends or fellow musicians. Whether it is hard rock or blues rock or classic rock, this start pickup can handle all kinds of rock music. Companies, including even Fender, get close, but it is not quite the same. A guitar played by some of, if not, THE best. Your email address will not be published. We have already discussed this with the Fender Noiseless. They can rock a bit. This speaks for the quality of these pickups and the unbelievable sound quality which is comparable to some high-end strat pickups. The MWVS comes as bridge pickups, middle pickups, and neck pickups. The Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups. But is that what you want? Bright, yes, but full of power and sustain and with quite a bit of a rough edge to it. These are a revival of that early sound. That has been eliminated with these pickups, and whilst they were doing it, they have beefed them up a bit. This pickup from EMG is not so much an attempt to recreate the past but more an attempt to move on from it. The resistance from the magnet and the coil gives your guitar’s output more punch and sustain. The California ‘50s strat pickup from Seymour Duncan is a set of three single-coils design. But they deliver a much thicker and louder sound than what you would expect to hear. If you are thinking of replacing the pickups on your Strat, you have to decide if you are going to go for an upgrade to the traditional sound or go for something new? Fortunately, that is mostly laid to rest now, and we have a set of Tex-Mex pickups as replacements for your Strat. The tones are a bit sharper, and the mid-range more pronounced as are the lower frequencies. They do not sound like those original single-coils of the 50s, and 60s did — no 60 cycle hum for one thing. Pleasant, warm, and gentle it could be. As a result, this one becomes one of the best start pickups for genres such as rock, blues, metal, and heavy rock. These probably are best described as being 65-69 in the sound they produce. These pickups use the Alcino V type magnets to produce the rich and warm sounds that are typical of the 60s starts. These single-coil pickups come as a set of three pickups which include the neck, middle, and bridge pickups. Should we stick with Fender, who makes great pickups, maybe the DiMarzio ’67 Monterrey special. Well, probably not, but you know what we mean. It is a guitar with a history. This Tex Mex pickup is one of the best single coil pickups for strat and it costs around $130. Though it is usual to calibrate and wind all coils equally, the bridge pickup of the MWVS has been slightly overwound. They also manufacture some effects pedals, but it is for their pickups they are best known. It does give greater versatility for creating different sounds.