I thoroughly enjoyed The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and feel that this is also a must have if you are curious about quitting drinking and what an alcohol-free life might look like. My friends and family are all drinkers, which made sobriety an isolating experience at first. Dr. Ludwig explains the psychological and physiological characteristics of cravings in terms of environmental cue, chemical triggers, settings and situations, and emotions. As adults, we are also influencers of children. Much more than a tale from the netherworld of addicted drinking, this book is about the escape, and why a sober life can be more intoxicating than you ever imagined. Whether you’re looking to take a 30 day break from drinking, or cut alcohol entirely from your lifestyle, these are the five best books on the market that teach you how to stop drinking. While the chapter is informative and consistent with books on alcohol and nutrition written by medical experts, you should consult a physician about Beck’s recommendations. Really worth reading, especially for the detailed information on how the brain works, but  maybe not the first book to jump into. You can buy Alcohol Explained on Amazon here. You will uncover truths behind these questions and gain insights into how your mind and body have become dependent on alcohol. You can buy In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts on Amazon here, The Nature of Craving and How to Control It, “Throughout the book, I use the term “alcoholic” to refer to individuals suffering from alcoholism. During that time she created a detailed road map to help anyone who wants to stop drinking navigate their way to sobriety. Mate´ freely admits to his own struggles with finding short-term relief for emotional pain. And even more so in January, when self-improvement is on everyone's mind. The program revolutionised the treatment of nicotine addiction. You can buy How to Quit Alcohol in 50 Days on Amazon here. (as society understands it). In his research and interviews with countless people aiming to achieve sobriety, Ludwig discovered common behavioral tendencies and psychological patterns. Maté openly explores his own addictions and his work reinforces what  Annie Grace talks about in her books. Check your email - your book is on the way! Or, you can get the first 10 chapters free below. In the Book, Loving What Is, Byron Katie imparts the technique of self-examination to reveal the awareness of unconditional self-love. I thought sobriety would be easy. Simon Chapple – The Quit Alcohol Coach, shares his tactics for successfully leaving the liquid demon behind in your life. Hungry Ghosts is an interesting in depth look at what happens in the brain with drug  use, and the role of childhood abuse in the creation of addictions. of people, helping them “wake up to reality”. I wrote the book for anyone who is worried about their drinking and wants to make a positive change to their life. When I quit alcohol I found sober books to be a huge help when it came to changing my thinking about how alcohol featured in my life. You can buy The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober on Amazon here.  Can you absolutely know that it’s true? Maté repeats himself a lot, but I think that is because he is primarily targeting those in  the medical community, police, and politicians: people who can make a change in the  addict’s life by changing how they interact with them. The Sober Diaries – How One Woman Stopped Drinking & Started Living. OK, I know I am not a woman! Annie takes readers on a powerful journey of self-discovery by sharing insights and challenging limiting beliefs around the benefits of alcohol. 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It is important to acknowledge that in 1988, therapies and solutions for alcohol use disorder were very limited. I wanted to write a book that gave readers a very clear and structured path to quitting alcohol and I believe that is exactly what I have created with this powerful piece of ‘quit lit’. He illustrates these elements of cravings and further describes how the subconscious mind oftentimes tees up a relapse or set back well before the actual faltering moment of returning to the crutch of drinking. In the revised version, Matt Furey includes reflection exercises at the end of each chapter to help you internalise your reading. He puts forth irrefutable reasons why you need to conquer the “evil clown” in your subconscious. The Best Quit Alcohol Books 2019 & 2020 – If you are looking to quit alcohol in 2020 make sure you arm yourself with the best sober books you can get your hands on. Get your copy and free yourself from alcohol forever.