The flange has three supposed functions. It is nickel plated and assembled in 2 or 4 pieces inside the rim of the resonator; Clareen Grooved Tension Band with mild steel tension hooks which are nickel plated; We use an excellent quality Waverly Style Tailpiece which is nickel plated. THE POT ASSEMBLY: This is “the lollipop” portion I mentioned above and the parts are more easily visible. Waverly V-2 Banjo Pegs, Set/4. Tension Hoop. It can also include a tone ring and an armrest for playing comfort. Moon Compensated Banjo Bridge, Heavy, 5/8" SKU: BA93H5. SKU: DDIAL. Bacon and Day Resonator Flange (old style) B&D Resonator Flange (old style) New . If you build a resonator banjo, you will need a resonator and a resonator flange. Clinch River Banjo Pete Seeger Style Banjo Bridge - 1/2" SKU: CRBPS-34. The typical way for a banjo resonator to connect to the pot is with a metal flange which protrudes out from the pot and attaches with brackets to the resonator. This changes the banjo's sound by altering the air chamber and the size of the opening between the bottom of the rim and resonator. $30. Your heel cut is also made to accommodate your flange if you have a resonator banjo. Deering banjos don't use brackets. Here is a banjo with the flange only attached to the resonator. The T brackets sold by Stew-Mac are short and drop down into the resonator so that the flange sits on the shelf. Remo Frosted Top Banjo Head, 11 Inch Diameter, High Crown (1/2 Inch) SKU: B1100 … Also with Zane Fairchild, guitar and Shane Crowe, bass. SKU: BP35. Tom Camp (763) 755-6532 . $135.70 . Twin Banjo Jubilee and Daybreak in Maggie Valley: Raymond Fairchild and Jimmy Cox Play the Cox-Fairchild Banjo. Like the B&D, flange, it sits below the brackets, and requires a shallow resonator as does the B&D, but it would also work with a Vega-style bracket band, since it doesn't connect to the rim, but rather attaches to a dowel stick or a coordinator rod. $62.50. If you build an open back banjo, you will need either bracket shoes or the tube from a tube and plate (two-piece flange) assembly. New Nickel Plated ... More Vintage Flanges and Tension Hoops . Drum Dial Banjo Head Tension Meter. The Clareen Shamrock flange is made of brass. Contact Us $30. Moon Compensated Banjo Bridge, Medium, 5/8" SKU: BA93M5. Includes: Red River Valley, Black Diamond, Camptown Races, Ohio Waltz, Jesse James It is pulled over the head and is tightened by a series of hooks and nuts that are adjusted until the desired tension is reached. $25. Polished Brass . Back to Banjo parts . On a resonator banjo it will include the flange and the resonator back. The function of the tension hoop is to keep the banjo head tight. This can be a flat cut or a cut with grooves in it to accommodate the type of flange construction.