AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary . The average salary that can be earned by an individual possessing an AWS certification is $120,000 per year, and this amount can increase depending on the skill set and the specialization of the candidate. According to a recent salary survey from Global Knowledge, the average wage for AWS certified … AWS Certification Salaries. Machine Learning Scientist salaries at Amazon can range from $101,657 - $185,675. In the short time since the Amazon Web Services certification program launched in 2013, AWS certified pros already rank among the highest paid IT certification holders. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an AWS Certified Machine Learning … This blog has taken the salary statistics from Glassdoor. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Machine Learning … However, these example jobs are paid fairly similarly to AWS Solution Architect jobs, with a range of just $8,994 (5.6%) to $33,049 (19.3%) more than the average AWS Solution Architect salary of $155,005. And this amount can rise as the candidate proceeds through his or her career. The statistics for the approximate annual incomes of various AWS certificate holders in … This estimate is based upon 18 Amazon Machine Learning Scientist salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. So, you can be assured to take a handsome salary at home and reap the advantages of the hard work you put in to achieve the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification. The average salary of an AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist is $148,456 per annum.