Thanks to its active and passive modes, the Stealth can effortlessly veer between a full-sounding dynamic mic with high SPL handling and a condenser … Stealth. The Aston Stealth is a premium, broadcast-quality end-fire dynamic microphone gunning to be the go-to microphone for any and every situation you might need a dynamic microphone for. Online Guides. Large Diaphragm Microphones. From guitars to vocals, and brass to drums. Show all. The Aston Stealth is a broadcast-quality cardioid dynamic mic with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Michael Nielsen . This isn’t a me-too product, though. These offer their own tonal qualities to suit any voice or instrument. The plan was to record a whole band - and a complex one - live, using only Aston Stealth for everything; full drum kit, piano, guitar, bass, vocals (and, as it turned out, even a vocoder). Ideal for both studio and stage, the Stealth microphone features four selectable voice settings. Aston Stealth mic for gui­tars. Aston Microphones Stealth - Improve your recordings today. The Aston Stealth Microphone will take your recordings to new heights. The Stealth is Aston’s take on the classic dynamic broadcast microphone.