How would you change this list? So, I’ve been wanting to write an Ertugrul post for a long time, ever since we were still binge-ing through the show. Thank you for it. Every time Turgut seems to gain some happiness in his life, someone he loves is ripped away from him, and that is what make Aslihan’s death so tragic (also that, technically, her efforts to kill Kopek fail, so the entire thing is pointless, despite the heroics). The list of deaths is pretty accurate , although when Ares dies it was pretty upsetting as he found the true path and was loyal to Ertugrul despite being advisories when he first entered the show. A beloved man by all, Deli Demir is an unforgettable character for his light-hearted banter, his expressive story-telling, his passion while blacksmithing, and his kindness to the young and old alike. That scene was one of the most painful. I think they took Turali out because he wasn’t a main character and many years in the show passed so the same actor wouldn’t have been able to play him. Gokce’s death is definitely very traumatic and a terrible end to the character’s life. Dogan is beloved because of his beautiful character, and that is primarily what makes his death so heartbreaking. The only reason Ertugrul’s death scenes (Seasons 2, 3, 4) are ranked so low on this list is because he doesn’t actually die. there was so much to learn from his character, I was more interested in the warriors and actions than the love story so I didn’t really cry about halime death, I mean I did but for me she can be ranked like number five, dogan will definitely be my number one, then suleman junior, then wild demir. What made it even worse was Emir Al-Aziz’s heartbreaking reaction to his death. Solid .. faithful…forced into a situation he didn’t want to be in…loyal to Ertugrul…and would have proven to be a great ally. After a long, difficult life, it is fitting for him to join his family. The death of Ertugrul’s father at the end of Season 1 is certainly a very moving transition point in the show. My 2020 Reads and 4 Tips to Read More – 1st Quarter (January to March),, Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 2 Timeline and Episode Guide – Nur's Light. i’m biggest fan of their series. And then there’s Omer, who was sent to kill Ibn Arabi but ended up converting to Islam, and who played a crucial role in freeing Ertugrul and his Alps and later in capturing the Knights Templar castle. The tragedy of her death is multiplied by the fact that she is a newly-wed bride. Of course, she had to make the list. It is truly difficult to ever forgive Dundar for his foolish, fatal error that results in this tragedy. Overrally,you did great with your rankings. I LOVE HALIME SULTAN, I HATE WHEN SHE DIED AND ERTUGRUL RE-MARRIED. Suleiman Shah’s death certainly was not unexpected. Change ). We watched all 5 series in a few weeks and are already into Osman. Her early Season 2 death is definitely one of the most unforgivable occurrences in the show. If you still wish to continue reading, do so at your own risk. Her death in the show is a moving incident that reminds us that, sometimes, we don’t truly appreciate what we have until we lose it. By the end of the second episode I was hooked. But I think we also saw it coming. The reason I ranked it as the lowest on the list is not because it isn’t sad. ", Coronavirus: Punjab imposes smart lockdowns in several towns across major cities, Indonesian aircraft 'wears mask' to spread awareness about coronavirus, Maradona's personal doctor under scrutiny over death of soccer star, The Crown: Emma Corrin shares backstage clips as Princess Diana. That was sad Read and Follow Love it I applaud it and wish they continued to season 6 and more, fascinating had me on the edge of my seat. On the contrary, it is one of the first deaths in the show that really tugs at the heartstrings. I hope there also is a season 6. We love Aykiz, not just because of her many strengths, but also because she is a flawed, real human being who has doubts and sometimes has trouble being patient during the rough challenges life throws at her. google really don’t help when i’m curious and yes it is about time that Noyan is out! who support me from all over the world . Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Very interesting article. I have never cried so much over many deaths and scenes of grief and loss. His entire lifespan is extremely short, as he dies in his early teens. ( Log Out /  My favriote charecters are:Ertugrul bey and abdulrahman because he killed aytoulyn, My favriote charecters are:Ertugrul bey and abdulrahman because he killed aytoulyn gummestikins sister, I think dogan is the saddest because from trio became to duo This should definitely get an award. Certainly their deaths were heartbreaking and very emotional. The actress that played Halime Sultan had to leave so they just killed her off. He was one of my most favourite characters. On one hand, I am heartbroken by the loss of such a powerful female character who has gone through more character development than almost anyone else on the show. Some may say that the worst thing about Halime’s death is watching her young son, Gunduz, call out her name or listening to newborn baby Osman cry for his mother, with little Savci sitting alone nearby; these three must grow up without their mother, two of them never remembering Halime at all. However, because of the number of times he fake died (in almost every single season) and the fact that the whole tribe mourned him and held a whole funeral for him, I thought it made sense to add him to my list. There isn’t much to say about Halime’s death, since few would argue against this choice. My dad joined in most of the time, and my brothers stopped by every now and then. My husband and I have watched no th thing but this series for the past nine days . Among the three of them, Dogan is definitely the kindest, the gentlest, the purest soul who could never hurt anyone. Aykiz. But that is my opinion. Also I would definitely include Sahabeddin and/or Omer (formerly Claudius) on the list. Oh, Aykiz! #HalimeHouse. Halime’s death was the ultimate. If I wrote the ranking again, I would probably include him (he was also one of my favorite characters!). i’m glued to Osman series and i hope to see old faces like Ergutual and his second wife, Turgent, Savci, Arkur bey Just odd Bamsi’s wife and daughter is not in Osman series. I think halime definitely is number 1, but although I love aykiz I feel like she cud be ranked lower compared to some others like deli demir, overall nice ratings. No matter how much we hate them, Ertugrul just isn’t Ertugrul without the deaths. he was such a strong character. Always there. Dying in the arms of two of his beloved sons, following the completion of an important mission for his tribe and a heartfelt goodbye to his wife, Suleyman Shah dies in a very fitting tribute for his character. Others may say the worst thing is seeing the strong, undefeated Ertugrul crumple at the sight of his dead wife.