However, you should know that according to the Ritz website, the ingredients can change at any time. This vegan s'more recipe is a heavenly combo of vegan marshmallows and dark chocolate sandwiched between Ritz Crackers. Whether if you love cookies and sweets or salty snacks and chips, you’ll find everything you’ll ever want to indulge in at most popular grocery and convenience stores.. Most natural flavors are vegan, but some are not. This might come as a surprise but if you take a look at PETA’s list of accidental vegan food and snacks, Ritz Crackers is on the list. You are appreciated! Chemical engineer turned semi-professional soccer player and freelance nutrition writer. Ritz Crackers No butter is added to the original flavor of these buttery, versatile crackers—it’s made with vegetable oils—so enjoy them with vegan cheese, peanut butter, or salsa. Vegan Ritz Crisp Flavors: Only the Sea Salt + Vinegar and Smoked Chipotle. Bottom Line: Ritz Crackers Are Vegan (With The Exception of Honey Wheat Ritz) Fortunately, most Ritz Crackers in the original line are vegan. Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Bacon Chips. The only difference between Ritz Original Crackers and Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers is whole wheat grain flour. VEGAN?! Ritz Crackers' official website lists the following ingredients for its original crackers: "unbleached enriched flour, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, leavening, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, malted barley flour, natural flavor." They do not have any ingredient that is animal-sourced. Your friendly neighborhood vegan from Toronto. When in doubt, always check the ingredients list. The non-highlighted ingredients are all clearly vegan friendly, but the sugar and natural flavor are less clear. Same deal. Ritz Crackers. Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Bacon Chips. America’s favorite cracker is vegan—yep, no animals in this cracker—but plenty of bacon flavor. Some people might be unfamiliar with the ingredient soy lecithin, but there's nothing to worry about — it's completely suitable for vegans. Even better? Ritz are one of many food products made by Nabisco, which is owned by Mondelez International. Here are a few fabulous vegan recipes that use Ritz crackers. The term “natural flavor” is an umbrella term that manufacturers can include a wide variety of flavoring ingredients under. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. Well, ladies and gents, it's time to finally answer the burning question: are Ritz crackers vegan? 9. Ritz Crackers are famous for their buttery taste, which is ironic because Ritz Crackers don’t actually contain butter. Seems pretty vegan to me. There's no way that they can taste that irresistible and be vegan-friendly. Ritz Crackers. This stands true if you don’t consider yeast and bacterias as animal-derived products. That buttery taste you love in Ritz Crackers and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls? The following varieties are vegan: Balsamic Vinegar & Basil, Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil, Dill Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Fire Roasted Tomato & … onions, cabbage, and red and green bell peppers. People should be able to easily know what’s in their food. So for all you peanut butter and cracker lovers, I recommend trying the Ritz Original Crackers and make your … For an easy weeknight dinner, try this Vegan Broccoli Casserole, which is a mixture of cashew cream, broccoli florets, button mushrooms, and crushed Ritz crackers. The only way we can be sure one way or another is if we know if the natural flavors and sugar in Ritz are vegan – which only the manufacturer knows. These Vegan Thin Mints are simply Ritz Crackers dipped in a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate chips, shortening, and peppermint extract. Next time a friend asks, "are Ritz Crackers vegan?" OMG. They do not contain animal parts or … I mean c'mon, were talking about rich, buttery, flaky little vessels of goodness. That email doesn't look right. So now we know that Ritz Original Crackers are vegan, but what about the brand's other flavors? Oreos. And even to this day, I've been known to chow down on an entire sleeve of Ritz Roasted Vegetable Crackers in one sitting. In fact, they don’t appear to contain any dairy or animal-based ingredients. Some vegans think avoiding products with “sugar” on the ingredients label is unreasonable, while others don’t. RITZ Bacon Crackers. Take a look at these common and surprisingly vegan … Not all sugar made in North America is vegan. But I've learned my lesson on not questioning things beforehand (and mama didn't raise no fool). Ritz Roasted Vegetable Crackers share pretty much the exact same ingredients as Ritz Original Crackers besides the addition of seasonings and a dehydrated vegetable blend of carrots, On the ingredients list are "natural flavor" and "natural smoke." Other over-processed and harmful ingredients you’d typically see in crackers … America’s favorite cracker is getting a vegan bacon makeover—yep, no animals in this cracker but plenty of bacon flavor! Sour Patch Kids We’re ready to get our sweets fix with this chewy, soft, and gelatin-free candy. A decent portion of it is filtered with bone char, made from the bones of cattle. The term “natural flavor” is an umbrella term that manufacturers can include a wide variety of flavoring ingredients under. Personally, there are many other crackers that are clearly labelled vegan that I’d rather buy. I’m not going to assume which ingredients you might be okay with or not, so I’ve summarized potential non-vegan ingredients in all varieties of Ritz crackers in the table below: Some varieties of Ritz crackers are clearly not vegan. Last, but not least are Ritz Bacon Crackers. Thanks Susan, I agree that it would be really nice if it would be less complicated. So, it’s up to you whether or not you want to take a chance on Ritz. I've been vegan for years and try to make life easier for others by sharing what I've learned. Explaining your thought process and the steps you took to get your information which brought you to your conclusions about whether a product is vegan or not is very reassuring and helps to make sense of a complicated web which should NOT be so complicated. That means Ritz Crackers are vegan. Sour Patch Kids We’re ready to get our sweets fix with this chewy, soft, and gelatin-free candy. I appreciate your straight forward approach. The other varieties of the Ritz Toasted Chips, Ritz bits, or Ritz Sandwich Crackers are not vegan. Most natural flavors are vegan, but some are not. This "Chicken" Poppy Seed Vegan Casserole features vegan chick'n strips and a creamy sauce layered and then topped with a crumbly Ritz cracker topping. You’re welcome to try, but on the several occasions I’ve contacted them, I always get the same templated email: …Unfortunately, this ingredient information is not currently available…As you can imagine our products change frequently and maintaining a list of products that contain enzymes would be virtually impossible.