The AD8 has a focal length of 1200 mm. In the summer of 2018, I had the privilege of looking through a 36″ Dobsonian Reflector telescope, at the Cherry Springs Stat Party. So it really depends. i am also worried about missing out when viewing if i go with the 8" instead of the 10. But the actual process of collimating should be roughly the same. It’s impossible to show you exactly what the view was like, but this photo of Messier 3 I captured gives you a rough idea. Here is the link to the scope. Apertura ; Meade ; iOptron ; Explore Scientific ; Categories. I aslo highly recommend a Telrad (45$)or some sort of holographic sight. Just ordered my first telescope, Apertura AD8 (with Upgrades & Premium Accessories). I would like to start out by observing only, and if I enjoy it, maybe even move on to photography. Posted by 2 years ago. As others have said the 6mm "gold line" eyepeice is a great deal but I don't personally own one. with the AD10, collimation is more difficult and with the AD8, true? But a 6mm "gold line" can be purchased from Ebay or AliExpress for less than $25, so it's totally affordable even if you go with the AD10. The Apertura AD8 – Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. A 6mm in either scope will be a decent magnification, but it really depends on how cooperative the atmosphere is. An 8-inch mirror is enough to reveal some of the fainter deep sky targets, yet the telescope is manageable enough to get a lot of use. Recommendations for other accessories? You can use this field of view calculator to determine what the view would look like through your telescope with various eyepieces. The truth is, it’s impossible to capture the beauty of the intensely dense group of stars of Messier 3 in a photo. I have a 10" Orion and I collimate it about once every 2 days, a process that takes no more then 5 minutes. You buy fewer eyepieces. If that's not the case then the 10" sounds like a no brainier. The Apertura AD8 tube assembly sits on the base with ease, and then the telescope can be manually moved up, down or to either side. Financing Rates As Low As 0%. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. New Apertura AD8, a few issues and questions - posted in Reflectors: Hello everyone, I just received a new Apertura AD8 in the mail the other day, which will be my first decent sized reflector telescope. Recommendations for other accessories? This model comes with an impressive number of accessories including 2 eyepieces (I especially like the 2″ 30mm Plossl eyepiece) and a laser collimation tool. Cyber Week Special 11/25 - 12/1. Here is the link to the scope. This telescope is so huge, that you must climb a ladder to look through the eyepiece when it is pointing at most targets overhead! If i buy the AD10, i do not want to have to then spend another $100+ on addons. 20% more magnification is substantial. Price: 350. Archived . For extended deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae, it actually means you can achieve higher magnifications without the view getting too dim. Buy 150mm Aperture Telescopes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 11 Reasons To Shop With Us! I would go with the AD10. Will ship to: Local pickup only. Enter in the focal length and aperture of the telescope, then switch to eyepiece mode. To easily move the AD8 up and down but help it to stay in the desired position, the telescope tension can be adjusted to match the weight of accessories on the tube assembly. The real-time view is much better. Views: 720. For stars, that means stars are 1.56x brighter. AstroZap; Coronado; View All Brands; Extended Holiday Return Policy We're Here For You! Once you’ve got a quality optical instrument to observe the night sky with, you may want to invest in some premium eyepieces to enhance the experience. 8. They're cheap but surprisingly high quality and great for planetary viewing. A photo of me looking through a 20″ Dobsonian Telescope. A member of my Local Astronomy Club in Niagara (RASC – Niagara Centre) owns a massive 20 Inch Dobsonian Telescope that he will often bring out to our Observatory Site in the summer. If memorable views of the night sky are on your agenda, I suggest taking a good look at the Apertura AD8 Dobsonian Telescope. I purchased the AD 10 a few months ago and was pleased with the accessories provided minus the laser collimator. There are some incredible options out there, but my favorite type of eyepiece is one that delivers a wide field of view, such as the Explore Scientific 14mm 100 model below. If you're observing at typical 80-200x magnifications, then you don't need to be super ultra precise. Aperture is king in telescopes, and if this is a lifetime scope you'll have time to buy fancy addons later down the road. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. There are some incredible options out there, but my favorite type of eyepiece is one that delivers a wide field of view, such as the Explore Scientific 14mm 100 model below. It's not more difficult, it's just more important to get it accurate when observing at high power (higher than 200x from a 6mm eyepiece!). No idea. For now stay away from filters except for lunar observations. SKU: UEQ-14762-APT-AD8 . The Apertura AD8 – Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. The Apertura AD8 – Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. Contact: Log in for info. It needs to be collimated it self and the adjustment screws were very stiff and easy to strip. The AD10 has a focal ratio of F/4.7. If you can handle all of the extra weight and transportation requirements, a giant 20″ Inch Dobsonian will offer you views of Nebulae, Galaxies and Star Clusters like you have never seen before. Where I live, I don't get stable enough air to see planets clearly at 200x magnification. Also, i am reading that with the AD10, collimation is more difficult and with the AD8, true? I am reading that i will need to buy a 6mm eyepiece for planetary viewing, is this true? Experience the beautiful night sky with this incredible Dobsonian, then shop all available models online at High Point Scientific today! Category: Reflectors. You can use a 12 mm as a 12 mm or as a 6 mm with your barlow attached. As for planetary eyepieces, buy yourself a $20 "Gold-line" 6mm eyepice off of Amazon/ebay. A a noob this scares me. I am to the point of information overload now however. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, then you can achieve ultra precise collimation with a simple star test on Polaris. Like new Apertura 8" Dobsonian Telescope with Accessories - AD8. Close. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de apertura thema. If you're not, then you don't have to worry about it. If i buy the AD8, i have a bit more budget for a few addons like eyepieces and things. The good news is that if you did opt for the AD10, and you got say, a 4mm eyepiece (300x magnification), then you can achieve ultra precise collimation with a simple star test on Polaris.