By Sport Fishing Editors. From a Virginia Bassmasters club largemouth bass fishing tournament held on Roanoke Rapids Lake in North Carolina: 1. Striped Bass Record-Breaking 81.88-Pounds. Chrabot also has won Pan American Championships twice, including a win last year on today's course. Ken Testorff of Virginia Beach had the largest fish of the summer series - a 5.09-pound fish caught in April. McCaskill Jr., Vienna; 53-0; off Wachapreague; 63, Flounder; Mike Firestone, Virginia Beach; 13-0; CBBT; 180, Gray triggerfish; David Yost, Norfolk; 4-9; Sea Gull Pier; 9, King mackerel; Jarrod Sergi, Virginia Beach; 45-8; 26-Mile Hill; 6, Kingfish (sea mullet); Lori Bowen, Chesapeake; 2-0; Sandbridge; 1, Pompano; Winter Cullen, Painter; 1-8; Hog Island; 1, Sea bass; Gerald Walker, Summerville, S.C.; 7-0; Triangle Wrecks; 23, Sheepshead; Byron Farlow, Virginia Beach; 15-5; CBBT; 166, Spadefish; Norong Nhek, Williamsburg; 11-9; Sea Gull Pier at CBBT; 3, Spanish mackerel; Ross Christiansen, Kilmarnock; 6-9; Tangier Lumps; 7, Speckled trout; Michael Whittaker, Chesapeake; 12-9; Elizabeth River; 72, Spot; Michael Whittaker, Chesapeake; 1-8; Rudee Inlet; 4, Striped bass; James Greenwood, Chesapeake; 55-1; False Cape; 187, Swordfish; Jim Bishop, Ellicott City, Md. The all-tackle world record fish was taken by Gregory Myerson on the night of August 4, 2011. Boat Reviews . "After a 15-minute fight on my St. Croix rod and Quantum reel, I got the striped bass close enough to the boat for netting," Myerson said in testimony included in his IGFA application and released last week by the organization. Spotted Bass** 6 lbs. Here’s the facts, reported to us by Connecticut-based OTW writer Kierran Broatch: This morning, Striper Cup angler Greg Myerson weighed in a striped bass that registered 81.88 pounds on the scale at Jack’s Shoreline in Westbrook, Connecticut – almost 12 hours after it had been landed Thursday evening aboard a boat in Long Island Sound. In September 2019, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) voted to convert emergency amendments as a permanent part of regulation to Chapter 4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq., “Pertaining to the Taking of Striped Bass,” to lower the recreational possession limit to one fish (20″ minimum size) in the Chesapeake Bay area and establish a 36″ total length recreational maximum size … Leesville Reservoir: 03-16-2000: James B. Davis: Picture: Sunfish (all/other) NO ENTRY TO DATE; MINIMUM WEIGHT TO QUALIFY IS 1 LB. Greg Myerson was not fly fishing when he caught what is likely the largest striped bass ever caught on hook & line, but everyone can appreciate a big fish story now and then. As I fished, I repeatedly peered into the hold and asked myself ‘is this striper really that big?’ The following morning, I brought the striped bass to Jack’s Shoreline Bait and Tackle to be weighed. Coast Guard finding more illegal fishing charters in Atlantic, Dog trapped in 30-foot sinkhole lured to safety with beef jerky. How To. VIMS said fish from this year's class are expected to grow to fishable size in three to four years. Insetta 35 IFC Boat Review. 12 oz. Ten to 15 lb. Chrabot has enjoyed considerable success in Mexico, winning the Huatulco World Cup there twice in the last three years - including two weeks ago. The IGFA’s approval of Meyerson’s catch marks the end of Albert McReynolds’ 29-year reign as the All-Tackle record holder for this prestigious saltwater species. bass fishing, and deer hunting, Subscribe here to get the latest updates news on all things fishing right to your inbox. ; 3-9; Rappahannock River; 3, Dolphin; C.W. 7 oz. The International Game Fish Association has certified an 81-pound, 14-ounce striper as its world … When the pandemic forced changes, a Cub Scout stepped up. In his paperwork to the IGFA, Myerson said he constantly looked into the boat's hold and questioned whether the fish was as big as it looked. I slipped on eel slime and banged my ribs against the gunwhale of the boat, but it didn’t matter. Dennis Padgett and Richie Akers, both of Virginia Beach, 9.7. Mark London and Mike Rosenthal, both of Virginia Beach, 7.04 total pounds (including the 3.01-pound lunker winner caught by London); 2. True bass family. The fish took a drifted live eel bait, and fought for 20 minutes before being boated by Myerson. Latest. With a headline that stopped many striper fishermen in their tracks, the Virginian-Pilot reported yesterday of a “world record striped bass caught and released off Cape Charles.” The striper, however, is not in the size class of the current 81.88-pound IGFA world record striped bass caught in Connecticut in 2012. 01; Ross Purnell, Editor - August 09, 2011. Keith Webb of Virginia Beach, 4-8; 3. The future of the striped bass fishery looks brighter, based on a finding by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. “After a 15 minute fight on my St. Croix rod and Quantum reel, I got the striped bass close enough to the boat for netting,” Myerson shared in the testimony accompanying his world-record application. Boats. It will have a nautical theme. How To Use Relief Shading To Find Rockfish Spots, Hook & Tackle Phenom – Keep Cool Fishing Shirt, Fishing Tips – Consistency & Connecting The Dots. Caitlin Smoot, right, and Virginia Zakrzewski, volunteers for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, use a haul seine net on the York River during sampling for juvenile striped bass. Striped Bass Record-Breaking 81.88-Pounds. "The fish was bigger than I thought. 10 oz. Wayne Hayes and Jared Allbritten, both of Virginia Beach, 15.38 total pounds; 2. 7 oz. It really was that big.”. VIMS has been conducting the survey since 1967. More Game Fish. The monster fish was mine. “The fish was bigger than I thought. Greg Myerson's striper was approved by the International Game Fish Association on Wednesday October 19th, and becomes the new the world record striped bass at 81 pounds, 14 ounces. And pretty much just like that, Myerson, a longtime electrician from Connecticut who calls himself a “quiet country kid,” was making headlines. Fish South Florida’s Prime Grouper Season. + fish landed each season. Oct. 15 - 1. 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