Love how say this recipe is and they actually taste like a brownie brownie! I made this amazing brownies and perhaps next time I will just leave off the chocolate chips as the dates itself as a base is sweet enough for my liking. Thank you!! the test will be to see if the older two will be able to tell they arnt flour/butter and sugar. My partner and I were wowed! If avoiding oil, how much nut butter / apple sauce do we sub? So much gold. I wouldn’t suggest prunes because of acidity. Worth the wait!!? If you try this recipe, let us know! I love this recipes so tasty. Sad day on the food processor! These were EXCELLENT and we will definitely make them again. I have made these twice and they come out perfect every time. Thanks for sharing! The brownies come up super gooey and delicious! I’ve made these twice now and my very non vegan partner loved them. I have a question, do the brownies taste peanutty? So glad you enjoyed them, Daisy! You were already voted best vegan blog BEFORE these life-changing brownies—but these would definitely have assured the number one spot! Once you use peanut butter made with just peanuts and salt, you get a luxurious, creamy texture and it literally pours out of the jar. They didn’t cut into squares, they were just mush, so I guess when I say they didn’t firm up I mean they didn’t dry out. I have hust made these with my 3 yr old and ge licked the bowl clean before they went in the oven. They ARE super fudgy…almost fudge-like. Thanks so much for the sweet note and lovely review. WHAT IS PULSE? Also the batter is delicious if you want to skip the baking! Thank you! Overall they are pretty good. Dans un saladier, mélangez la compote et le sucre. Optional items don’t count. Lucky day! Me too! *If you're peanut-free, I think almond, cashew, or even sesame butter (tahini) would work well here. Soooo yummy and fudgy and guilt-free!!!! Also, have you ever tried cooking with sorghum? I’ve been trying to eat better but wanted to bake something. Let’s make ooey-gooey vegan brownies! I used tahini instead of peanut butter, but will try with a nut butter next time to see if it makes a difference. I love Dana’s recipes so I am sure this will be better with dates. Simply delectable. I gave up on black bean and avocado brownies after what feels like dozens of “not great” recipes – and I am so happy I gave the “healthy brownie” one more chance. Considering dates are also very expensive, I probably won’t make these again (I love making brownies and bars from beans, which in addition to nutritious are very cheap). Then I baked it for 40 mins and it never firmed up. Let cool briefly, slice, and dig in. I tried your recipes today and I really struggled with the blender because the paste came out super sticky and my blender could not make it through. Apparently they went down a storm. I did not soak my dates and will definitely soak them next time because I had to double the hot water to 1/2 cup to work the batter. Thanks for sharing your experience! Enjoy warm or cooled. When I saw dates I expected a raw fruit and nut bar masquerading as a brownie but these are legitimately like the real deal. They were soft, but did set. So rich and satisfying. I made these and wow are they tasty!! Thanks! You could try one of our other brownie recipes such as this one. Woot, woot! If you try this recipe, let us know! Well, I’m not exactly sure. What cacao/cocoa powder did you use? You’re extremely talented. I used date paste that comes in a squishy brick from the Arabic grocery store and it basically eliminates steps 1-3. Recipe is super easy and I’m going to try Tahini with an essence of some sort next for my little sis who has a nut allergy. I used peanut butter that was not drippy and added the coconut oil. Super gooey, I can’t stop eating them! Thanks for another great recipe ? I used almond butter and toasted pecans which turned out to be a great combination! Perhaps they just needed more cacao powder or some nut meal? I posted a review that the brownies were delicious but never dried up (or firmed up). I did 1,5 cups of dates and one avocado. They absolutely can be reheated. Next time I’d use a regular brownie pan rather than a loaf pan to make thinner brownies because they are SO rich and calorie-dense. I’m kind of a dessert purist, so I was skeptical of this whole brownies-with-no-eggs/butter/flour thing but I gave it a shot…and I’m so glad I did! I find storing mine in the fridge, but taking it out to allow it to warm naturally leads to a superior experience… It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Do you think these would be a little cakier if I added a bit of flour? :). The base of this 4 Ingredient Vegan Brownies, 30-minute, 1-bowl recipe dates, which create the fudgy texture, naturally, sweeten the brownies, and bind the batter as well. Hi Dana, If any one as some good suggestion, thank you in advance. Thank you for this recipe, these are SOO good! Tried it once. These are fabulous brownies! Yes, pitted and fresh, but more than I usually use in vegan baking recipes. PREP TIME: 15 minutes cant rate yet as they are still in the oven. After a little short bake in the oven, these little gems are ready! Let us know if you give it a try! Hi Becca, we haven’t tried tahini, but a few other readers did and left comments below. I never liked dates, although I assume in this recipe one wouldnt be able to really know the sweetness is coming from the dates. Let us know how it goes.