WAIT LIST ONLY TOUR #3 … will also have three ships in Antarctica for the 2021 eclipse. The best viewing spots for totality are not always easily accessible by land, but when they take place over water, a ship can maneuver into just the right spot. Join us in Argentina to witness the next total solar eclipse which will occur on 14 December 2020 or embark on an incredible Antarctic cruise to view the 04 December 2021 total solar eclipse. Fram will sail a 23-night cruise to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands, roundtrip from Ushuaia (with pre- and post-cruise flights to Buenos Aires), departing on November 22, 2021. Some people are so moved by the heavenly show that they become solar eclipse chasers, planning travel around the world to catch these rare occurrences. Which Cruise Ships Will Be Scrapped Or Taken Out of Service Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic? This Eclipse-spotting Journey May Be the Most Epic Cruise Excursion Ever Witness the total solar eclipse in December 2021 on this incredible sailing with French cruise operator Ponant. Click here to see the full itinerary. NOTE: Holland America has canceled all its cruises through December 15th, and unfortunately this cruise has been canceled. There are obviously lots of choices if you choose to go with a guided tour! We will provide an optimal viewing location to experience this phenomenon. Cruises are a mix of South America and Antarctica voyages. It will offer a rare chance to explore many amazing destinations, to learn from A-list experts on a variety of topics, and to stand in the Moon’s shadow — all during a single, incredible adventure. By proceeding, you agree to Cruise Critic’s. The 2020 total solar eclipse cruises take passengers off the coast of Argentina to view totality on December 14, 2020. Claire Raftery directs education, public outreach, and communications at the National Solar Observatory (NSO). sign up today! The first solar eclipse cruise took place in the 1970s, and people have been chartering cruise ships since then to watch in amazement as the moon blocks out the light of the sun. So if you want to join the cruise late, after the first week, we urge you to book now. 2021 tours. Three Ponant ships have been chartered for solar eclipse cruises in 2021, Le Boreal will sail a 10-night Antarctica cruise, roundtrip from Ushuaia, departing on November 28, 2021. More recently, she’s supported NSF’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) — the largest solar telescope in the world. is offering solar eclipse cruises on two ships in 2021. NOTE: Holland America has canceled all its cruises through December 15th, and unfortunately this cruise has been canceled. In response to this unusual solar eclipse, cruise ships -- mainly small expedition vessels -- are lining up to host themed cruises in this bucket-list destination. Note that it will be possible to board our ship in Ushuaia, Argentina, on December 4th. Once thought to be harbingers of doom, total solar eclipses still leave witnesses in awe, but now they're more celebratory occasions and excuses to party, vacation or take the day off. 21st aurora viewing tour: to alaska mind blowing magic of the northern lights!! Solar eclipse cruises vary from year to year, based on where the best viewing spots are for totality and how many cruise lines have ships in that area of the world at that time. Operated by Wilderness Travel, this eclipse-themed cruise features several guest speakers, including Jean-Michel Cousteau. You can find out which scientists, astronomers and other experts will be on your cruise by looking at the provider's website. Chris Impey, a world-renowned Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, specializes in cosmology and astrobiology. Ships will head out to the Weddell Sea between South Georgia Island the South Orkney Islands for the best viewing before repositioning back toward land to resume expedition activities. Passengers can view a partially eclipsed sun as it rises over the Pacific Ocean, in addition to a short totality. Eclipse Cruise Promo for Total Solar Eclipse of 2020 December 14: South American & Antarctica. The 2020 Total Solar Eclipse crosses over just two countries: Chile & Argentina. 2020 ARGENTINA TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE RING OF FIRE EXPEDITION #50 December 10-15, 2020 TOUR #1 SOLD OUT. Ponant's Le Commandant-Charcot will take travelers to view the total solar eclipse on Dec. 4, 2021, from the Weddell Sea. He has won 11 teaching awards, authored nine books, and offers frequent public talks to audiences as varied as NASA engineers, first graders, and judges of the Ninth Circuit Court. Most ship operators will provide protective glasses for eclipse viewing (but you're welcome to bring your own) and have photographers onboard to help you with eclipse photography.