Imoen Special Whatever the decision, once outside, Imoen is back with the player in a cut-scene in which Imoen attacks Jon Irenicus, their captor, with magic. You sure are a ray of sunshine, aren't you? Still, she's a nice girl, and I'm glad to know her. You more than me, I guess. Thrown weapons in "melee" mode use the Str bonus to hit, not Dex, Thrown weapons in "ranged" mode use the Dex bonus to hit, not Str. Other Infomation [1], -4 THAC0 penalty to main weapon,-8 THAC0 to offhand weapon. She doesn't have major conflicts with any other party members, but despite what she says about sticking by you no matter what, she will leave if your reputation drops low enough in BG1. I rather enjoy calling you that. Scimitars! 16 Companion Codes At the start of Shadows of Amn, Imoen, who is already a dual-classed Thief (level 7) > Mage, has freed herself from capture, and very soon comes to the player character's rescue. Ability Scores Imoen Total Scores Int Gender New items in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, New items in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, New items in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition,, How BioWare revolutionised the RPG •, Imoen has one of the highest overall stats of all companions in the entire saga, being a human thief with a Dexterity score of 18 and an intelligence score of 17. Gender Belm is exceptionally strong, giving +1APR, Rashad's Talon is also a nice weapon, and there's Spectral Brand for a lategame option.. Other strong options are warhammers and longswords. I'm not! Fighting style bonuses apply only when wielding melee weapons. creates a manageable cut-off point for regaining her thief skills. This makes characters more versatile, and they can quickly switch to a different weapon of the same category – e.g. Indeed, her lighthearted outlook has long kept her immune to the hardships of the world, though the dark confines and horrors of your current location have definitely taken their toll. Imoen is a 'Thief', thieves can't have more than one point of proficiency in any weapon they can utilized. Glad to see another day. Ability Scores 9 Technical note: The old Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast proficiencies are still existent and active in the game files of the newer games. Hey now! Companion Codes Imoen is the childhood friend of Gorion's Ward. Other Relationships Alignment Alignment Ha ha! I wouldn't be much help, though. I'm withering away just standing here. Now I remember why traveling with you was always so much fun. 87 Shortbows are a solid choice if you are looking at having her be more of a ranged character. Dex Growth rate differs based on class group. Sorry, but I couldn't hold that last item. Imoen did not exist in the original concept Baldur's Gate. A Weapon Proficiency is a skill that determines how well a character can handle certain types of weapons, which may add penalties or bonuses to their attack and damage, depending on the skill level. You're the closest thing I have to family, . It's strange having these new arcane powers. Dual-class Thief (level 7) > Mage (level 8) Int She indulges you, and certainly does cheer up when speaking of how you spent your youths together in Candlekeep. Companion Imoen is also unyieldingly faithful, extremely attached to Gorion's Ward, to the extent that she thinks it's her responsibility to safeguard the Ward and sees herself as the Ward's guardian angel. Her valuable thieving skills can be very beneficial for a starting party, such as detect and disarm traps, open locks, pick-pocket, etc. ones that were imported into Shadows of Amn from Baldur's Gate or almost any in the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition) do benefit from the old system's bonuses. Promise me you'll be careful. If we're going to do nothing, let's at least find a safer place to do it. So... you ready to go? Area Relationships They both grew up together in the library fortress of Candlekeepfrom the time when she was brought there, when they were both about the age of 10. I wish I could spend more time in the forest. The original Baldur's Gate groups certain, "similar" weapons together and offers only a few categories of weapon proficiencies: eight in number. All occur at a random time: her Thieving Abilities at the start of the game in Irenicus's Dungeon 1st Floor are: Open Locks 95, Find Traps 95, Pick Pockets 35, Move Silently 35, Hide in Shadows 25, Detect Illusion 0, Set Traps 5. I'd prefer to travel with you, if I could. Original: Open Locks 25%, Stealth 30%, Find Traps 30%, Pick Pockets 25%, Enhanced Edition: Open Locks 25, Find Traps 35, Pick Pockets 25, Move Silently 35, Hide In Shadows 15. Fighting styles have different investment values. Come on, this isn't like us at all. What's it been like? Voice Actor If you want maximize Thief level - dual class immediately after Imoen reaches level 7 Thief in order not to waste any earned experience, plus it will match up canonically with next installment. Special She says that you of all people should know, seeing as how you grew up together. 18 Imoen will try to joke around with Gorion's Ward and almost any other companions in the group and lighten their spirits in the hardest moments to come. The Bow Weapon proficiency is separated into two new ones: Longbows, composite longbows are included. You have a point. It seemed practical. 87 Imoen's Belt (only in Irenicus's Dungeon) Then it was decided to keep her alive and she was rewritten to be a bhaalspawn so Irenicus kidnaps her instead. I thought it was quite fascinating. She'll attain Bhaalspawn powers following the defeat of Irenicus by the end of Shadows of Amn, The changes improve her stats as well as add a number of innate abilities. In Shadows of Amn, Imoen was supposed to die and she wasn't originally a bhaalspawn. That is why Imoen has almost no banters except in chapters 1 and 4. Special Traits Come on, now, don't let me suffer in this place. Str Imoen is a dual class thief (level 7) > mage with enough skill in Open Locks and Find/Disarm Traps to fulfill the fundamental needs of any party competently and is capable of reaching maximum level in her Mage class. Con Total Scores 9 I really don't. Oh, it feels so alive. We'll follow behind you. Able to dual to mage Let's get going. By the time Siege of Dragonspear takes place, Imoen has started an apprenticeship as a mage under the guidance of Liia Jannath at the Ducal Palace of Baldur's Gate. All you gotta do is find their leader and bring her to justice. Back in Candlekeep, I never dreamed I might be a spellslinger like Gorion some day. Note that all rangers automatically start specialized in Two Weapon Style. I love you. Irenicus was supposed to kill her after escaping his dungeon, making revenge the protagonist's motivation to follow Jon to Spellhold. Right here? She only let me come down here after I promised to bring her any arcane scrolls or tomes I could find. She arrived there the same as you, in the company of your foster father Gorion, but despite this similarity, she grew up much more carefree than you did. Wake up, you! Female I rather enjoy calling you that. Might as well be up and about. or Short Sword and Shortbow (Enhanced Edition). A dual-class by definition must have its new class exceed the level of its old class by one level in order to regain the benefits of the old class. Companion Companion Codes I don't feel like I fit in with the people in the city anymore. Other Infomation Shortbows I have to get to the surface! This poor creature wishes to die? She has a strange way of showing her affection for me, and sometimes she can be quite annoying. Imoen is the childhood friend of Gorion's Ward. Imoen is available to recruit from Chapter One on. I'm about to level up Imoen to level 8, and I can't decide whether I want to give her a proficiency point in scimitars or katanas. Exclusive Equipment Nalia was created to replace her being almost identical to her. Please? When asked about her past, IMOEN slaps your shoulder playfully. 16 Melissa Disney But if you want reach level 9 Mage to gain level 5 spell slots - dual class at level 6 Thief. I like studying my spells and remembering how Gorion would do the same back in our Candlekeep days. The six of them then leave the town behind them, starting the events of Baldur's Gate II. She does show up again during the finale, where she awaits the protagonist outside of the city walls of Baldur's Gate alongside Dynaheir, Jaheira, Khalid and Minsc. Nonetheless, she retains a great portion of her care-free attitude. Imoen is a care-free, optimistic, cheerful and easy-going character. IMOEN.cre. Katanas get an honourable mention, due to Celestial Fury, which is really the best weapon for a decent stretch in SoA, but it is outclassed later.Katanas, especially, are hurt by CF only being +3.