Smoked Salmon, Cream & Dill Pizza


Thaw 10 min and bake

Delicious option to add to your menu, our smoked salmon pizza is made with thin, crispy dough, fresh cream, generous chunks of smoked salmon, dill, and maasdam cheese. Everything then blends over a woodfire oven. Without a doubt, our smoked salmon pizza is one of the best frozen pizzas on the market!

  • Authentic recipe from Provence
  • Trans fat free
  • Baked over a wood fire
  • No preservatives

Diameter : 27 cm (10.63″)
Weight : 440 g (15.52 oz)
Box: 6 unit.

Place the pizza on the rack halfway up the oven. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at 425F. Gourmet tip: add a drizzle of plain or spiced olive oil when it comes out of the oven.

Dough (48%): wheat flour, water, sunflower oil, baking powder, salt. Filling (52%): Tomato puree, smoked salmon, grated Maasdam cheese, cream, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, spices, garlic, onion, oregano, herbes de Provence, pepper, aromas.
Contains: wheat, milk, fish. May contain: nuts, egg, shellfish, soy and sulphites.

Why choose our pre-cooked smoked salmon pizza?

Our smoked salmon pizza recipe is one of the most exquisite pies on the market. Our chefs use a thin dough that they stretch by hand and bake in a wood-fired oven. The process gives it a homemade look, unique flavour, and texture that perfectly balances chewiness and crispiness.

This smoked salmon crème fraîche pizza is perfect as a main course but just as good when cut into wedges to share.

What to serve with our thin-crust smoked salmon pizza?

If the pizza requires an accompaniment, consider our home fries, mixed vegetables, or sweet potatoes. Or, present this decadent smoked salmon pizza alongside a zucchini tagliatelle salad or sauteed broccoli.

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Questions about our frozen products?

Contact us today for more information. We can direct you to frozen food distributors in your area that carry the Gastronomia products you’re looking for.


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